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We Can Play Your Game Too Michael

October 4, 2004

Keep an eye out for these movies.

Celsius 41.11
Fahrenhype 9/11


Help A Dearborn Student

October 4, 2004

Steve Joseph a 17 senior student in the Dearborn Public Schools is a finalist for the VW scholastic magazine PSA for Buckling Up Seatbelts. Steve is one of 3 finalist in the USA. First place in $10,000, second place is $3,000, third place in $1,500. You can help Steve by emailing your nomination to You can see all three finalists at Steve's video is titled "COOL AND CONVENIENT." Send an e-mail and help a Dearborn student win big bucks.

P.S. The school gets a brand new Apple G5 Computer too!

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Little League?

October 7, 2004

Rumor has it that the old Montgomery Wards building on Michigan and Schaefer will be turned into a little league baseball field. The question is will the owners pay for it or the city?

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Little Professor Store Closing

October 13, 2004

Little Professor Book Store is closing its doors in two weeks due to the paid parking that Dearborn is installing in West Dearborn. What other stores will close because our City Officials want paid parking in the City?

- An interested citizen


A John Kerry Dishonorable Discharge?

October 13, 2004

Did John Kerry receive a dishonorable discharge? Check the following two links and make up your own mind.

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A Reader Writes

October 15, 2004

Just read your piece on Little Professor.As you might be aware, Russ, Tony Fera has been hassled by the current administration for years because he's outspoken. One might wonder if the present mayor--traveling Mike Guido--deliberately pushed paid parking to rid the city of his main butt-pains, such as Little Professor. Of all the small businesses in Dearborn, Little Professor has been singularly responsible for a sense of community for decades. It is a meeting place. Almost everyone at one time or another encounters old friends, colleagues and neighbors there. The store is news and gossip central--a place where you can pick up the latest scuttlebutt, the news behind the newsthat doesn't appear in print. That is central to secrecy-minded Guido's dislike of the store. As for paid-parking, Guido will soon learn potential frustrated customers may bypass Dearborn's meter police and tow-trucks for more favorable retail districts, leaving those who invested in the city with their businesses in a financial lurch.

-Tom Edwards


Wanna Bet?

October 29, 2004

Here's my election picks.

1. George W. Bush wins re-election.
2. Gino Polidori goes to the State House of Representative.
3. Gary Woronchak heads for Wayne County Commission.4. Doug Thomas a shoe-in for the Dearborn Council.
5. Sharon Dulmage keeps seat on School Board.
6. Darrell Donaldson gets seat on School Board.

Now for the record I have a 50-50 all time average for picking winners. Keep the faith.



Some Advice to Democrats

November 4, 2004

Get back to your roots. Stopped catering to minorities and their "professional" so called leaders and start thinking of people as individuals not special groups. And stop hanging out with billionaires like George Soros and Teresa Heinz Kerry and get back to your hard working patriotic American roots. And most of all stop pandering to the Hollywood and media liberal elitists like Michael Moore & Alec Baldwin and start waving the American flag. You better start listening to some other voices or there won't be a Democratic party.


Teresa Heinz-Kerry

November 9, 2004

I just found the right word to describe Teresa. . . LOOPY.


The New York Slime

November 9, 2004

The New York Times used all it's editorial might to defeat George W. Bush. Everyday they ran negative stories from the War In Iraq. Hardly ever a positive story or picture about our successes. And of course the New York Times coverage of the War In Afghanistan was negative never showing women going to vote for the first time, girls going to school for the first time, and electing the first President of Afghanistan. All they could ever do at the New York Slime was bash, bash, bash, bash George W. Bush. So from now on it's called the New York Slime, and all the Democratic Party propaganda that's fit to print.

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