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Poor Flip-Flopped Kerry

September 1, 2004

Well what can we do about poor John Kerry? First of all, he has the most liberal voting record in the Senate and he is further left than Hilary Rodham Clinton and even further left than Ted Kennedy. Secondly, it seems that some of John Kerry's war medal certificates have been improved as time goes on. It seems that the first time the medal certificate was printed it was just so-so. But it has been improved a couple of times since then with additions so that the award on John Kerry's website makes him even more heroic. What's going on? I've made up my mind, now you make up yours. Remember the radio show Fibber Magee and Molly? Looks like a new show should be Fibber Kerry and wife Teresa.


About Time

September 11, 2004

If you think all Muslims buy into the "holy war" rhetoric of the Islamic terrorists check out Also, it would help many American Muslims if organizations like ACCESS and APEC would PUBLICLY disavow Muslim terrorists.


Illegal Aliens

September 12, 2004

Did you know 4,000 illegal aliens enter America every day? THAT'S ILLEGAL ALIENS! Both the Democratic and Republican parties are to blame. When will our congress wake up to the fact that America is being invaded by illegal aliens?


Flipping and Flopping With John Kerry

September 12, 2004

Watch Flipper in action.


Balless Boys

September 20, 2004

Got a kick out of the Dearborn board of education extending John Burl Artis contract for another year. Even though he had one more year on his original contract. Which adds up to two more years of John Burl Artis being the superintendent.

Many people in Dearborn feel that John Burl Artis tenure here has not been a successful one. Now instead of giving John Burl Artis one more year to see if he can work out his difficulties with the Dearborn community the board gives him two more years.

So how did the wacky school board members vote? Mary Lane, Yes. Aimee Blackburn, Yes. Pam Wandless, No. Sharon Dulmage, No. And how did the boys on the board vote? James Schoolmaster, Yes. Jerry Stockwell, Yes. Joseph Guido, absent , But In a newspaper Guido said he would have also voted Yes. Hence the new moniker, The Balless Boys of the Dearborn School Board.

at random

East Michigan Ave.

September 20, 2004

What a mess! Many of the business people on East Michigan Ave. have suffered large financial losses while the road is being torn up and re-paved.

It seems to me that city, county, and state officials should give these businesses tax breaks while they suffer from the down time.


A Reader Writes

September 22, 2004

Dear Russ,

I was reading in the news this weekend about how teachers are asking parents in Dearborn schools to buy some of the supplies that were previous given free to students , but because of budget cuts in the state aid to schools these supplies are no longer free and the nerve of some parents to question why they had to buy a extra $100.00 of supplies and how the school should figure out a way to pay for these.

Well parents these are your kids your talking about I put my son through catholic school for 12 years and paid tution and brought all his supplies and while doing that I was paying my taxes so your kids could get a free ride , with supplies now grow up these are your kids buy the supplies and be quiet everything isn't free , maybe I should go to the mayor and ask for all my money back that went to Dearborn schools since my kid never went to Dearborn public schools does that make sense or would I be laughed out of his honors office.



Jimmy can you hear me?

September 27, 2004

The recent comment that Jimmy Carter made about voting in Florida not living up to international standards was the first shot over the republican party's bow that if bush wins the election that the democratic party will be hollering that the election was fixed. Watch the liberal media magnify any irregularities if Bush wins.


A reader writes

September 27, 2004


High school junior and seniors and their parents should be aware that a provision of the No Child Left Behind Act (Section 9528) requires schools to provide military recruiters with access to students' names, addresses and telephone number for recruitment purposes. This would allow recruiters to directly call upon the student - by phone, mail or a personal visit. The Department of the Army has asked Dearborn High School to turn over such information by October 4. Other Dearborn high schools may be facing the same deadline. This personal information may be withheld from military recruiters if parents/students sign an individual form. Should you wish to have this withheld, please see your school administration.


Flip-Floppin' and Cheatin'

October 4, 2004

During the last debate neither President Bush or John Kerry were allowed to bring anything up on stage. "No props, notes, charts, diagrams, or other writings or other tangible things may be brought into the debate by either candidate" as stated in the "Memorandum of Understanding" that both parties agreed to. But guess what? Take a look at this video and see what John "Big Bucks" Kerry took up with him.

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