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We are at war. Remember 9-11

January 4, 2004

Make no mistake about it- we are at war- a holy warwith Islamic terrorist warriors who are bent onbringing America down. The Wahabi Muslim fanaticalsect constantly uses the term "holy war". Get it? Aholy war.

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Whadya Say?

January 4, 2004

Russ does Andiamo's, Dearborn's latest entry into theMichigan Ave. restaurant sweepstakes. Noisy, noisy,great food, noisy, noisy, noisy, chairs-uncomfortable,noisy, noisy, noisy, noisy, service- amateurs, noisy,noisy, acoustics- noisy, noisy, noisy, noisy,background music- noisy, noisy. Whadya say?


Poor, Poor Party

January 7, 2004

Dick Morris, ex-Clinton political adviser sure got it right when he said "The tail is taking over the donkey." and "One third of Americans are Democrats. One third of Democrats are liberal activists backing Howard Dean. And now they are dictating policy to the entire party." – Just thought you'd like to know.


Place Your Bets

January 11, 2004

Republican Representative Gary Woronchak is term limited out this fall. Who will replace him?

Dearborn School Board member Sharon Dulmage has declared that she is running as a Democrat and Aimee Blackburn, Democrat, is making moves like she will also run.

And Gino Polidori has tossed his hat in as a Democrat.

Well Fast Eddie, Dearborn local bookie, thinks that Sharon and Aimee will knock themselves out in the primary fighting for the honor and the winner will be Gino Polidori.

NOW FOR THE SURPRISE. IF, the only guy running on the Republican side is Gary Gardner, then it's a shoe-in for Gary.

But Fast Eddie claims that the hands-down winner in both the Republican primary and final election will be...
Are you ready?

Kari Guido, wife of Mayor Michael Guido. By the way, Kari has never said what political party she belongs to or that she is even interested in running for office.

Maybe Fast Eddie has had too many sugared doughnuts with his coffee.


A Reader Writes

January 19, 2004


Just a short time ago the Dearborn City Council admitted that it had given too much of its authority to the W.D.D.D.A.-West Dearborn Downtown Development Authority. The council fought hard to retrieve its responsibilities, but to no avail as Burton, Katzman and Guido prevailed.

It should be duly noted that a number of W.D.D.D.A. appointees do not even live in Dearborn, yet make decisions that affect tens of millions of taxpayer's dollars.

The creation of these partisan political entities-Dearborn has 36 authorities, commissions and councils-has served to undermine the legislative branch of our democratic system. And the carefully chosen appointees by the mayor has literally robbed the voter of their right to elect their representative government, and any control over how hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars are spent.

The city of Livonia, which has a larger land mass and population than Dearborn, has 20 commissions appointed by the mayor, one commission appointed by the city council and one authority for the development of Plymouth road also appointed by the mayor, for a total of 22 as compared to Dearborn's 36 organizations.

Currently another commission has been crafted and promoted by the mayor, increasing the number to 37 appointed entities in Dearborn. To their credit, councilmen Abraham and Tafelski have made it clear that the new commission must be subservient to the city council in all decisions affecting the city taxpayer and voter.

If the city council fails to maintain and enforce its "responsibilities" as the "democratically elected" legislative branch of our "representative government", it will pave the way for an "undemocratic system" and all the trappings typically associated with a "dictatorial regime."

Joseph Borrajo



January 26, 2004

The Democrats are complaining on how long the war on terror is taking but consider this:

1. It took less time to take Iraq than it did for Janet Reno to take the Branch Davidian Compound. That was a 51 day operation.

2. It took less time to find Saddam's sons than it did for Hillary Clinton to find the Rose Law firm records.

3. It took less time for the 3rd Infantry Division and the Marines to destroy the Medina Republican Guard than it did for Teddy Kennedy to call the police after his Oldsmobile sunk at Chappaquidick with his poor date drowning.

4. It took less time to take Iraq than it did to count the votes in Florida.

Thank God for President Bush.



January 31, 2004

Did you see Dearborn School Board member Sharon Dulmage go after Dearborn School Superintendent Dr. John Artis at the last board meeting? Artis got red in the face when she gave him "you know what" for not being honest with the board-developing.


A Reader Writes

February 3, 2004

Its nice to see someone have balls on that board, as all of the other ones don't, namely Guido, Stockwell and Wandless play along with the big dufus (Artis). At least every now and then Lane and Blackburn will throw shots, but the other three gutless wonders should be ashamed of themselves. This dufus runs his meetings like a bulley and they let him get away with that. Keep it up Sharon, you might make a good councilperson for Dearborn, and then you won't have wusses like you have with you on that crony board of education.



February 5, 2004

Have you ever wondered if your medical doctor is in bed with the pharmaceutical companies. Check out Dr. Kurt W. Donsbach, Dr. D. as he is affectionately known, is an alternative medicine physician with clinics in California, Mexico and Poland. His comments on cancer are very interesting. Take a peek.


Enough Already!

February 7, 2004

Stop it! Already our government, local, state, and nation, are promoting multilinguilism over the English language. US tax forms, drivers licenses, voter ballots, etc., etc., etc. Stop it. English should be the official language of the USA. Help out and let your voice be heard. Contact .

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