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"Spelling Lesson"

March 2, 2013

How do you spell Obama? T-A-X! Now How do you spell the Democratic Party? M-O-R-E T-A-X-E-S!!!

I was watching President Obama with his "gift". His "gift" is to talk his way out of any jam that he gets himself into. He's talking about, “Oh, I don't want anyone to get hurt!” And, “Oh, the little-man! We want to save the little-man!” Yeah? “We've got to have their money so that the government can spend it.” I say, let them have it in their own pocket Mr. Obama! They'll spend it! You don't have to worry about the money recirculating! You think that you are the only one who can spend money wisely? You are arrogant, your regime is arrogant, and shame on you!

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It amazes me that the same people who 40 years ago squalled about Richard Nixon now line up at the troth to lap up worse violations of the presidential job description than anyone in history.

--by Anne Rene' on 4/20/13   Lives: USA  

The only good thing about Obama is that he can't run again. He won by the skin of his teeth the last time. Makes me wonder about where he got the funding to win the past election.

--by Ted on 2/21/14   Lives: Michigan  

Russ has become a crotchety old fart...

--by Tony on 2/21/14   Lives: USA  

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