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The 2nd Amendment

January 23, 2013

Take a look at this and tell me what you think. I bet they never taught you this in your American History Class.

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This is the second amendment protecting the first amendment and the people from a tyrannical government. Never give up your second amendment right. MOLON LABE!!!

--by v on 1/29/13   Lives: Michigan  

Greetings BBig SSur,

First off, I am a former student of yours. I'm an engineer who travels the country working on database systems. I am also a gun owner (A very nice bolt action manual rifle). I am also a supporter of gun control. My position is this. Most arguments against gun control are misleading. Gun control is not gun prohibition. It is not the first step towards gun prohibition. What people are asking for are more stringent tests for people who wish to exercise their right to a fire arm. I do not see an issue with that. In my line of work I have had to jump through more stringent hoops to walk through the front doors of a customer than I have needed to purchase a rifle or hand gun. This includes stringent FBI background checks, mental competency reviews, medical checks, and a full drug test (hair and urine). I was rather stunned purchasing a hand gun was considerably easier. Implementing some of these tests would help limit the number of tragic group shootings that occur. Most of those guns were purchased legally making the argument "criminals will still get guns because criminals don't follow the law" moot. Having some form of gun licensing similar to vehicle licensing or to military gun qualification can only help validate gun owners. The only individuals fighting this are gun manufacturers and gun owners who blindly eat the NRA's arguments without checking where the argument is coming from (usually sponsored by gun manufacturers).

Anyway that's my $0.02. I'm certain the next reply will be calling me a liberal hippy douche (inaccurate), socialist (accurate), or some other form of defamatory comment which does not aide the debate we need to have. If a true open debate opens up I'll be pleasantly stunned.

--by Kaplah on 1/30/13   Lives: Michigan  

Jon Stewart was onto something in his recent bit on gun control. Worth looking up and watching -- at the very least I can say it's thought provoking which I can't say about the 2nd Amendment bomb throwers.

--by Joel on 2/9/13   Lives: USA  

You believe ANYTHING he has to say ? You need help.

--by NY on 4/20/13   Lives: USA  

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