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April 28, 2012

My technical assistant, Andrew forgot to mention we had a 15 minute limit (which has now been removed) and so the first half of my rant was lost!

We do still have the last 12 minutes, and expect another rant early this week.

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Dear Mr. Gibb,

So you have hired an archivist have you? Please tell us more! Please tell us more!

I have spent the last several years sifting through archives, and you'd be surprised at what you'll find. Not too long ago I contacted the National Archives, and found a patent that was awarded to my grandfather. No one in my family knew about it. Recently I found a 1916 court case that involved Louie Chevrolet. The files contained sworn affidavits that were signed by him, and excerpts of actual court room testimony.

I was thinking about you the other day, and asked myself does Mr. Gibb have an FBI file? You'll never know until you evoke the Freedom of Information Act. Seriously though, it would be a real treat to see what gems you have boxed up in your attic.

Best wishes,

Billy Dunbar
Jefferson, LA

--by Billy Dunbar on 5/7/13   Lives: USA  

Mr. Gibb, I was your jr. high student from Italy at Maples. Just met a 'Paul' in Kalapana bt Kilauea volcano where I live in Hawaii. check out my book(can you help) me to promote it? "Pots Did Stop" I got a degree in education from wayne state in 1973-owned carlos pizzeria at 17611 grand river from 1977-82. hope to hear from you! tube-norman & Heidi-ho also:norman clementi--hot dog vendor in wishes til next life--will you be my teacher again and let us create a ground hog effect?---norman onofrio clementi---norman Clemens=pen name of book

--by onofrio norman clementi on 2/21/14   Lives: USA  

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