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May 4, 2011

Well, here are with the Democratic Party talking points. It is pretty obvious that the Democratic Party is afraid of Donald Trump. And they have been working full time along with their Liberal Media Stooges to convince everybody that he is helping the Democrats, supposedly, by being a birther nut. That’s their take on it. Not True.

Now the other fact is that the Certificate of Birth that Obama put on was just that, a Certificate of Birth not a Birth Certificate. You see, try and understand, there is a difference between a Certificate of Live birth and a Birth Certificate. People seem to get confused on that. And that’s the way a lot of my Democratic spin master friends want it to be.

“Look Gibb, you must be a racist because you put it up.” That’s one of the talking points of the Democratic Party. If anyone says anything negative about Obama just say he’s a racist. What a cheap shot. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. You know that I have been a Democrat for most of my life. I have voted for many more Democrats then I have Republicans and I am not a Republican either because I think that they can be damn silly too, but the bottom line is that Obama is a mystery man. The media did not do their job during the election. They were so enamored with the idea that a black man could be President of the United States and we have been told by that same Liberal Media for forty years that we were all racist. So now if anyone who voted for a black man it would prove that they weren’t a racist, so many people voted for him on that ground not really knowing who he was.

You didn’t know who he was, admit it! You never even heard of him right? Maybe you heard him speaking for the Democrat Kerry. That is the only time you heard of him because he was brought out for a speech so that he could get the black vote, (And just for the record Kerry had worse college grades than Bush and Al Gore dropped out of seminary school and his father, a Democratic Congressmen, was a Klu Klux Klan Member), somebody planned it.

Well, there are too many mysteries about Obama even if that is his name. Maybe it’s Barry Soetoro. What is his name? There are too many mysteries about this guy. The Mainstream Media needs to check into the rumor that he may have worked for the CIA. Was his mother a FBI Agent? Oh yes, don’t laugh. Did the Financial Adviser to the King of Saudi Arabia write a letter of recommendation to Harvard University as well as making a large donation in the sum of 20 million dollars for taking Obama in? Go look it up before you start yapping with your political propaganda. Obama is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, thank you Winston Churchill. And all of a sudden we are told how brilliant that he is and we see him with his Teleprompters and we see him sputtering when they don’t function properly. Sorry, I am not convinced.

Well, I have had my rant and now it’s your turn. You can go and say what you want, but I won’t believe you. Bye bye.

Proof of forgery:
The term African is a geographical reference
and has nothing to do with race, but Obama's
politically correct forgers did not know that.
They should have put Negro.

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Russ, right at the end there, you stopped me. In 1961, the term 'Negro' was used, wasn't it? It isn't PC to use it now, but Martin Luther King, Jr. used that term in his speeches. Why was the term 'African' used on this document? Dang it, now you have me wondering...and say, can you take a minute and comment on this Jones fella and the fuss that was kicked up in Dearborn about him?

--by Huh on 5/4/11   Lives: Dearborn  

Here is another question about the birth record of obama .Kenya existed prior to 1964,but it was not offically called Kenya. It was called a protectorate of Great Britain. No formal Kenyan government existed and therefore any legal birth place would have been the British Protectorate - as in - having a record of birth or marking citizenship. At that time was not called Kenya.

--by go find out, on 5/5/11   Lives: Michigan  

Sorry Obama took so long to show the birth certificate. He was too busy killing Osama bin Laden.

--by get a life on 5/5/11   Lives: Detroit area  

Yeah, and it's a hard job killing someone who's been dead for nearly 10 years.

--by Wise Latina on 5/7/11   Lives: Dearborn  

Re: "Get a Life"'s post -

I think we can all agree that any and all credit belongs to our armed forces. You can't kill a terrorist from behind a desk or a microphone.

"If you don't stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them."

--by dearborn youth. on 5/12/11   Lives: Dearborn  

Russ, Russ, Russ. Sigh.

--by Joel on 6/28/11   Lives: USA  

Re: Dearborn Youth's post -

As long as we can all agree that that certain terrorist was first bank-rolled by the American Taxpayer.

--by Los Angeles on 8/6/11   Lives: USA  

Huh - The term African was used because that is what he was. He, if I am not mistaken, was a citizen of Kenya not the USA. I'm sure that I will be corrected if I am wrong.

I don't know if you will read this because my last comments that didn't agree with the writing was never published.

So much for free speech.

--by cloe on 2/23/14   Lives: Dearborn  


I must say this is a new low even for you. I really used to respect you and enjoyed reading your blog, but you've gone too far. I will not go along as you bash our Commander in Chief as he has just pulled off one of the most textbook victories in the history of our military. You have truly lost it, maybe its time for the nursing home.

--by Jim on 3/30/14   Lives: Dearborn  

I think it’s pretty funny that with all the stuff that this guy has done that you pick something as stupid as a birth certificate to obsess on.

Hasn’t this guy screwed up our economy enough where you could obsess on something we KNOW he did instead of whining constantly about his birth certificate?

It’s no wonder our country is in the horrible shape that it’s in! The right is crying about a stupid birth certificate and the left is giving him a free pass to do whatever he wants.

We are doomed when both sides have become completely blinded by these side show antics. I have to say, when Trump was carrying on and on, he looked like all other Tea Party idiots making a lot of out of nothing. Now, very slowly, even the once conservative moderates are starting to sound just as idiotic.

Its like complaining that the sun was too bright yesterday.

--by Get a grip on 5/4/14   Lives: USA  

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