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Trump Chews Up Candy

April 15, 2011

Well no matter how hard CNN, Candy Crowley, and the rest of the Obama sucker uppers in the main stream media attempt to make Donald Trump out to be a crazy man, he keeps asking the one question that not one of them seem able to address. Why won’t Obama show his real Birth Certificate instead of his Certificate of Live Birth? That’s the question.

It’s fun to watch the Liberal Media dance and jump around with Trump, trying to make him look like a fool, when they were the ones who did not vet Obama properly during the last election. They were so enamored by the fact that a black man might be President of the United States that they threw all of their journalistic digging out the window and brought forth only beautiful comments about the soon to be President Obama. The media fell down on their vetting job pure and simple.

Watch this video from CNN and the Candy Crowley interview. Towards the end she throws her hands up because she can not stand it any longer.

Yes it’s going to take more than Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, and Candy Crowley to put CNN back together again.

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I wish Trump would drop the birth issue, it makes him look silly. If Bill and Hillary couldn't find the dirt on Obama I doubt he will. I think Obama keeps the Birth issue going because it makes his detractors look bad and keeps people from looking into what he is doing.

Trump has some good ideas but the message won't get out if he keeps talking the birth stuff. He is playing into the Obama loving media's hands.

--by Moe on 4/18/11   Lives: Dearborn  

See that Moe or what ever name that he is using today is following the democratic party line. That there is nothing to the obama birth "thingy". WRONG. It is the first step and question to answer. Where was Obama born ? Show the birth certificate. Come on Moe,ask the main question. Why wont Obama Show the birth certificate ?

--by R Belfort on 4/19/11   Lives: Michigan  

Wed Apr 20 2011 10:35:52 ET


This year's high stakes publishing project quietly went to press this week, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

After years of research and digging by the nation's top private investigators, here it comes:

"WHERE'S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE? The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President."


The street date is a LONG month away, and author Jerome Corsi, the man who torpedoed John Kerry's presidential dreams with SWIFT BOAT, has gone underground and is holding his new findings thisclose.

"It's utterly devastating," reveals a source close to the publisher. "Obama may learn things he didn't even know about himself!"


Does Corsi definitively declare the location of Obama's birth?

Will the president's attorneys attempt to interfere with the book's distribution? [The publisher vows to vigorously fight any legal action that may be taken.]

Will the book finally -- once and for all -- put an end to the growing controversy?

Or will it just ignite new ones!?

"When Donald Trump said he sent PIs to Hawaii to get to the bottom of all this, he meant this book," declares an insider.

[THE CASE ranked #1,341 on AMAZON's hitparade late Wednesday morning.]


--by Druge on 4/20/11   Lives: USA  

Hey how about this: provide the evidence -- i.e., the long-form certificate -- that shows he was born where he claims he was born. Simple. Direct. Conclusive. OBVIOUS

--by merr on 4/20/11   Lives: USA  

R BELFORT: Will you please address the problems with each of the following points. Note, you cannot simply respond with SHOW US THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Please address each point:

1. I've seen the claims that the "short form" is easier to get. Ok, what does that mean? I can go to Hawaii and get a short form that says I was born there, but I can't get a long form? There is less security measures on the document, making it easier to forge? Is it possible to have a short form from Hawaii, but the long form say you were born in Kenya? Why would Hawaii issue you a short form if you weren't born there?

2. The State of Hawaii has seen and verified the birth records, including it's Republican Governor. Are they lying? Did someone plant a forged document in their records?

3. The short form is sufficient for our State Department. Is the State Department lying? Is there some huge security hole we should address? Can anyone get a short form, then use it to get a passport? That's a major security concern.

4. There are newspaper clippings announcing the birth of President Obama, matching his other birth records. Are those clippings fakes? Was it a conspiracy that began on his birth?

5. The President is one of the most vetted individuals in the world. I'm quite sure the FBI, the Secret Service and our intelligence branches, all have the most intimate details of his entire life history. Are you saying they all failed at their job? Or they are covering it up now?

6. Birthers claim the media won't pick it up because they dropped the ball. Do you really think there is not a single journalist out there that wouldn't publish this if there was any credible evidence? You're talking about a global conspiracy in the Office of the President. You really believe that MSNBC is just doing him a favor by not reporting it? You really believe the media "dropped the ball?" That a bunch of crackpot armchair newsmax sluths uncovered something that the entire RNC and all their political operatives could not?


--by State of Hawaii on 4/20/11   Lives: USA  


You don't get it he doesn't show it as a diversion. Folks who bring up the birther issue aren't taken seriously and while people are spending time on that they are not looking into what they should be, what he is doing to this country. It's like the last months of Bill Clinton's reign, everyone was asking if he had sex with Monica, no one paid attention to what he was doing.

As for using "Moe" have used that name everytime I post here for the past several years.

--by Moe on 4/20/11   Lives: Dearborn  


Like every single one track minded Republican, you spend more time tearing down the other guy and saying nothing else.

If the Republicans could have stated their case instead of taking the low road and slinging mud the entire election, McCain would likely be President right now.

The point MOE was making is that Obama's birth cert. is officially a DEAD ISSUE! It is going no where! Why don’t you focus on the fact that China is burying us economically and Washington is bickering over 1/10 of 1% of our budget as 3 foreign wars rage on sucking every penny out of us while gasoline is about to tip 4 bucks a gallon.

All of that is stuff that you can see right now! Obama's paperwork will never see the light of day so for Christ’s sake, MOVE ON!

--by Curly on 4/20/11   Lives: Dearborn  

Curly, Answer the main question. SHOW THE REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

--by Harpo on 4/20/11   Lives: Dearborn  

The reason the Obama birth certificate is now big time news is that main street media,ignored the issue during his election. The media cover up is now coming to light.

--by Cozar l on 4/20/11   Lives: Detroit area  

Regarding,the actions of the new governor of Hawaii raise reasonable questions. Before he got to office, he said he was going to lay out the facts and end the nonsense. Then he was sworn in as governor and changed his tune; said the records were private and couldn't be released. This abrupt about-face is on the record; go check the reports.

--by Dennison on 4/20/11   Lives: Michigan  

Gibb your a retired teacher you live off an over inflated tax sucking Dearborn Teachers pension. Why dont you shut up and get off the soap box.

--by REPUBS SUCK on 4/20/11   Lives: Dearborn  

Guys. You guys. Here is the birth certificate.

So there it is? Okay? I don't really know what else you want.

--by Rose on 4/23/11   Lives: Dearborn  

Rose, Dear lady. Never mind all the Fact check BS, JUST THE REAL FULL FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Please. The main street media and the Democrates have a full speed cover-up going. Let Obama Show the full birth certificate IT HAS NOT BEEN been made public.. WHY ????? Whats on it ? Something else Obama does not want us to see or know about him .??

--by Kevin on 4/24/11   Lives: Michigan  

All a distraction. Don't fall for it. It is to cover for Barry's massive failure as a president. His policies are killing America. There are so many more important things that he has done that are outside the constitution the news will not report on. But they will ram this down folks throats. they will make this front and center. All smoke and mirrors. Even Barry himself said so. Barry with his doubling of the debt, destruction of jobs, printing of money, and killing of the economy thru his stupid oil policy is about to bring the US to it's knee's. WHO CARES at this point where he was born? lets focus in on the important issue which is his anti-America behavior and his openly wanting to see us under the boot of the Euro elites. Please tell me why we went into Libya but not Darfur ? Not Syria? Why is China, Russia, and Iran forming their own "G20" without us or any Euro countries? Why is barry so hot to give money for them to drill in Brazil but he orbids it here
- Chris, Texas

Read more:

--by Chris, Daily Mail on line on 4/25/11   Lives: Another country  

Russ, just watch CNN prove that Obama grew up i Hawaii. BUT they did NOT prove he was borm in Hawaii. They are spinning the story in favor of Obama, The Democrates are afraid that Trump is on to the cover up.CNN is not a fair news source.

--by Jen K on 4/26/11   Lives: Detroit area  

Yes Sir, You are on the right track.The disastrous effects of government intervention in the private sector still appear nowhere on the radar screens of millions of Americans. Busybody politicians have fashioned decades of debacles. And yet many voters continue to cave in to manipulation by government-worshiping "journalists" like CNN and the busybody politicians.

--by Derrick on 4/26/11   Lives: USA  


This is why you will NEVER seem mass protesting in this country. This country has grown fat, dumb, lazy and stupid and simply views politics as entertainment. The news media is a joke and beholden to the government. As a country, we no longer possess the intellect to think for ourselves, let along do anything about the fraud being laid at our feet. We simply do what the television tells us to do. Those who control the media control the world.

--by Cole on 4/26/11   Lives: Dearborn  

Well, he has showed the little kiddie's his birth certificate. Once again, the right wing looks like idiots.

--by duh on 4/27/11   Lives: Detroit area  

Dear Duh, It seems you are a very poor student.CNN did NOT show the real Obama birth certificate, It was a certificate of live birth. IT IS NOT A BIRTH CERIFICATE, They are two different documents. PLease do your homework and stop making the left wing look like idiots.

--by Smart on 4/27/11   Lives: Detroit area  

The certificate says whatever Obama wants it to say because it is a forgery. It is not even a subtle forgery. Once the pro Obama media gets over his latest lie, the truth will come out. Much more to come.

--by jerry on 4/27/11   Lives: Detroit area  

While the Birth Certificate issue seems a small thing to some there is a reality of deep concern constitutionally/ legally. (IF) Mr. Obama is not a natural citizen of the US every law, every treaty indeed every act he presses forward as president would be null and void. The damage to America would be beyond measure. Americans should not be so lazy and quick to dismiss these concerns. Let it play out. Serious questions exist in his documents. Only foolish people would let this pass. No one vetted this man initially. Let the world laugh

--by Craig Barnard on 4/28/11   Lives: USA  

Mr Gibb, I found this on FaceBook..David PSeattle The problem with this "new" birth certificate is that it's It lists his birthday as August 4, 1961, then list his fathers native country as Kenya. The problem with that is Kenya didn't exist until 1963, it was British East Africa or East Africa Protectorate until then. It also lists the hospital of his birth as Kapi'olani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital, which didn't exist until 1978. Prior to that time it was Kauaikeolani Children's Hospital. It's is also dated April 25, 2011 with Dr. Alvin T. Onaka signing to the stamp of " I certify this is a true copy or abstract of the record on file in the Hawaii Department of State Health". Being an abstract does not mean it real or official, it means it matches what is in the electronic system, which would have been put in some time after 1978 because of the hospital name, and as recently as April 25, 2011 because of the date, or any time in between

--by Donna on 4/28/11   Lives: Dearborn  

There seems to be a lot of evidence piling up from those experts who work with copies, paper, Adobe, Photoshop, what have you, that the bc is a fake. And not a very well done fake at that. If that turns out to be so, then he is in deeper doo doo than ever. I would guess that spending millions to cover "this" up doesn't make sense. What makes sense is that with polls dropping for him and some other very important things being announced on the same day i.e. Petraues and Panetta and the Fed press conference, that someone had to do a quick put together of this "bc". We've heard a lot about it. How does the coverage of the bc compare with the coverage of the others? Putting Panetta into the Pentagon scares the heck out of me.

--by Free Thinker on 4/28/11   Lives: Michigan  

How sad all you birther folks are. Seriously, if Barack Obama was not african american, this "issue" would never have even been a blip on the media radar. Just be honest & admit to being racist & get it over with so you can continue to bloviate on & on & on.oh & LOL at all those calling the corporate owned media "liberal". Y'all crack me up! bye

--by Hemp Howard on 4/29/11   Lives: USA  

Russ Gibb ‘s website brought all the positive changes to Dearborn, uncovered all the hidden dirt’s and corruptions, he shouldn’t shut up. Keep it up Russ.

--by ME on 4/29/11   Lives: Michigan  

Friday, April 29, 2011
CONSPIRACY — but not theory — phony ‘president’ releases phony ‘proof’

Barack Hussein Obama II, the purported “president”, has released his purported “birth certificate”. It’s about as genuine as Obama’s teleprompted speeches or his purported “auto”-biography (which has been thoroughly deconstructed). Yet, the Lamestream News Media is trying to say that the issue is now “settled”. In reality, the new document raises more questions than it answers.
Democratic party talking points... Accuse anyone who question Obama, "your a racist".

--by Mr Caller on 4/29/11   Lives: USA  

The Obama "story" is coming apart... read.

--by Darell on 4/30/11   Lives: Michigan  

I get the impression that Donald Trump has really gotten under Obama's skin and has his administration rattled. Trump is like a burr under Obama's saddle. Obama and his people aren't exactly sure how to deal with the Trump effect. The administration apparently believes that by making fun of Trump in a subtle, but funny way in front of millions of people, they can minimize Trump's impact. I think they pressed it a bit too far at last nights event. I further believe that Trump will not exactly overlook Obama's stand up comic routine at his expense and might very well have the last laugh

--by Sid on 5/1/11   Lives: USA  

Well isn’t it funny how Obama chose the EST end of Celebrity Apprentice to make his "announcement" that Bin Laden is dead?


Of all times to do this, he picks Sunday night at the very end of Trump's hit reality show. Ya gotta love the showmenship.

Personally, I am surprised that the network broke away at all. 98% of his viewing audience would have rather saw the end of Apprentice than hear about Obama’s new situation comedy entitled:

“Bin Laden is Dead”

--by Trump stooges on 5/2/11   Lives: Dearborn  

Thank you CIA and our military.

Our Campaigner-In-Chief made sure Usama Bin Laden received a proper Islamic burial. WHY??? Because he wants the Muslim vote.

The event was a make-believe drama designed to be used for Obama’s upcoming re-election campaign."

Will he bring the troops home and put them along our border? NO! WHY??? Because he wants the Hispanic vote.

Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the other liberals, along with the biased media, Unions, Soros, AARP, Acorn, etc., based the entire 2008 campaign on lies. They spent two years destroying our country and governing against the will of the American people.

They'll spend the next year and a half doing a few good things just to get re-elected. Then they will spend four more years destroying the people of the USA. GOD HELP US ALL!

I will not vote for a Democrat.

--by Carol on 5/3/11   Lives: USA  

If this is the issue that Donald Trump wants to grandstand on to become President of the United States then we are all doomed! Is this the best the Republican Party can offer? Please, give us someone who exhibits the qualities that we as Americans deserve. I am not excited about Obama either but where are the alternatives?

--by Jimmy on 5/3/11   Lives: Dearborn  

Typical Repug talking point: spew boundless factless "talking points" without a shred of verifiable evidence to back any of it up. Repeat. Repeat again. Keep repeating, it will turn true eventually.Dear Jeebus , this country is so broken...

--by Typical Fellow on 5/13/14   Lives: Detroit area  

Whelp, FOX News must be "mainstream" media, their own expert said it is as real as gets.

--by Now What? on 6/26/14   Lives: Detroit area  

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