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November 1, 2010

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This from the same guy who declared the war on drugs, while allowing the drug cartels to flood American cities with narcotics to fund a secret war in Central America congress would not pay for?

All of this from a guy who gave arms to our enemies in Iran to get hostages back solely for the purpose of winning an election?

How is it that we magically forget what a corrupt and dishonest administration that the actor Ronald Reagan ran? The guy was a great pubic speaker, sure, but so is Granholm. Problem is that some of us fair-weather Americans did not forget the betrayal of the public trust the Reagan Administration left us with.

--by Fred on 11/1/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Fred. You are so way way off. Do you every study anything you mouth off on ? Sad that you are so one sided.

--by Kelly on 11/1/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Poor Fred ! He just does not get it. His slanted "take" on history is a joke. Funny part is he thinks he is so smart. Another joke.

--by C Clarke on 11/3/10   Lives: Michigan  

Well I agree that Ronald Reagan was a powerful and charismatic leader. It must be pointed out that he was a very big spender with consistent budget deficits. It also held true then and with GW Bush that trickle down economics, ie. give more money to rich people, just didn't work. The rich got richer and the poor became poorer. We need to scale back spending across the board including the military and balance the budget if we are ever to restore this country to greatness and keep it from becoming just another province owned by China.

--by Ronny on 11/8/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Kelly and Clarke, I agree with Reagan's sentiments in this video. Fred is correct, though, when he states that Reagan allowed drugs to flood our inner cities in exchange for the drug runners carrying funds and guns to the Contras. This scandal came to light when a drug runner was captured and revealed his connection to the CIA. It is not a secret. Also, Reagan made an illegal deal with the Ayatollahs to keep our people hostage until after the election in 1980. If you remember, they were released minutes after he was sworn in as Prez, as though they were afraid of him. In reality, his people had negotiated that release the summer before.

Nobody's perfect, but don't turn your head away from the uncomfortable truth...Reagan didn't understand the Muslim threat any more than Carter did.

--by To Kelly and Clarke on 11/12/10   Lives: Dearborn  

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