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October 13, 2010

The state of Michigan has lots to be proud of; our Great Lakes, our beautiful beaches,
our automobile assembly plants, and our Universities. There are just so many, many
things that Michigan is famous for.

However, I’ll bet that you didn’t know that up in Saginaw Michigan there is a little clinic, the Midwest Prostate and Urology Institute, where people come from all over the world to deal with their medical problems.

It is run by Dr. Joseph Oesterling and his assistant Laura J. Hintz. They run the clinic like a small town doctor’s office because Joe is really a farm boy at heart and when you walk into their office you think that you are going into the John Deere building, as he collects John Deere tractors. But believe it or not Dr. Oesterling is one of the foremost experts in Urology in the country. He attended Columbia University Medical School, did his residentcy at Johns Hopkins Hospital and practiced at the Mayo clinic for several years.

I have been one of his patients for over 15 years.
I can personally recommend him. He is unconventional, he is controversial, and he is willing to take on the bureaucracy of the medical profession on his own terms. He is his own person, but boy he is also a medical wiz.

When I was in there the last time I was seated next to one of the foremost entrepreneurs in the State of Michigan and right across from me sat a man who had come all the way from England to Saginaw Michigan for a consultation with Dr. Oesterling.

So if you are looking for an Institution that is unique in the State of Michigan, check out the hidden gem in Saginaw, The Midwest Prostate and Urological Institute. You’ll be glad that you did. (989)799-4840

By the way, Dr. Oesterling did not ask me to write this commentary about his Institution nor did he pay me in any way for my views. I feel that he is just a wonderful addition to the medical profession here in Michigan. Check out Dr. Joseph Oesterling.

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I can only hope that some day, if I need a good Urologist, I will be able to afford the $3000.00 per month insurance premiums to be able to go visit this doctor. That is, if I am healthy when I can afford to buy insurance. With today's insurance environment, only healthy people can get health insurance. I’m healthy and employed, and I simply can’t afford to have health insurance and be able to buy basic groceries all in the same month.

--by 34 year old healthy Dearbornite on 10/14/10   Lives: Dearborn  

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