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John, It’s Been Good to Know You

October 2, 2010


I have voted for John Dingell in every election since I have been able to vote and that was a very long time ago. But this year I’ll be saying goodbye to Big John. It’s been good to know you, but John Dingell I am going to have to vote for Republican Dr. Rob Steele.

John Dingell is a good man, but when the Democratic Party led by Nancy Pelosi and Henry Waxman of California and Lynne Rivers of Michigan tried to dump John in his last election, John beat them. But for revenge the Liberal left coast Leadership of Congress who hate the American Auto Industry and Mr Dingells defense of USA made cars, stripped John of the very power of longevity that he had amassed after all his years in congress.

John Dingell is no longer a power in the Congress. At one time Dingell was bigger than the Democratic Party. You could always count on John to vote his conscience and not his Party, but after they did their “number” on John he capitulated and has fallen into lockstep with the Liberal Hierarchy of the Democratic Party.

John at one time belonged to the National Rifle Association, but when that became a no…no from the Progressive Democratic Party, John dumped his membership. John used to lead the Democratic Party, but recently he has become a follower. Maybe it is time for John to retire and let a new comer take on the good fight.

Yes, I am going to vote for Dr. Rob Steele. I am unhappy with the way the Democratic Party has portrayed young Dr. Rob Steele. They are down on him because he is a successful doctor. It seems like the Democrats do not like successful people if they are running against any of their Liberal spend,spend Candidates. They are mad at this man because he has eight cars. Well, his wife is also a physician and they have four kids. Maybe you need more than one car in big a family. Well let me tell you, today you do.Plus if they are American Michigan made cars made by Michigan auto workers, so much the better.

So I am going to vote for Dr. Rob Steele. Give him a chance. He’s a Republican and I’ve basically been a Democrat my whole life, but I believe that it is now time for a change in Washington DC. So John Dingell, I love you and I think you’re a great guy, but
I cannot vote for you in good conscience anymore because in my mind you represent the Liberal Democratic Party and not the independent John Dingell, “the great man” that I remember and still respect.

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Russ, it is like you have been reading my mind. I, too, think that John Dingell's day has passed.

--by John Higgins on 10/2/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Mr Gibb, I agree with your assesment Of Mr Dingell. The Democratic Party and I parted ways long ago. I too will vote for Mr. Steele , Second time in my life I have voted for a Republican.

--by Jerry on 10/2/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Kudos Mr. Gibb!!!

--by Maddam on 10/3/10   Lives: Michigan  

Russ. Iam glad to see you seperated John Dingell the man from John Dingell the Democrat. Like you, I admire the man , but have lost all respect for his Democratic Party,

--by L. D . Locker on 10/3/10   Lives: Michigan  

Glad you remembered Nancy Pelosi's attempt to do in John Dingell.
She went to a lot of trouble to do so, setting up a special committee in 2007 to bypass Energy and Commerce Chairman John Dingell on the issue and then acquiescing in the 2008 post-election ouster of Dingell by cap-and-trade liberal Democrat backer Henry Waxman.

--by M.A.Berry on 10/4/10   Lives: Michigan  

Mr Gibb. I know you respect Mr. Dingel. But I happy to see you are supporting Mr. Rob Steele. He will make a great congressman.

--by Al. on 10/5/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Help the auto industry like raising the gas tax 50 cents during the high prices how does that help? Dingell has been stuck on this global climit hoax for years wanting to jack up energy prices to further his pet project. I for one would love to see him go.

--by Marc W on 10/5/10   Lives: Detroit area  

The number of inaccuracies in this posting is stunning. If you don't want to support Mr. Dingell that is your right but at least strive to be accurate.

John Dingell has been a consistent protector of the 2nd Amendment for his entire life. For Mr. Dingell, its not just a political position. Its a core value. Don't try to distort that. That is beneath you, Mr. Gibb

As for the auto industry, it is stunning at the level of misinformation you and your sheep-like minions repeat. John Dingell has worked day and night to protect the auto industry. The record is there if you and your tea-party pals care to deal with facts.

--by Joe DiSano on 10/6/10   Lives: Michigan  

What pure BS. Seriously, most American families have eight cars? Please. I don’t think you missed a single rightwing talking point. He is simply out of touch profiting heavily from a broken health care system he does not want fixed. Lynn Rivers? Really? Lynn Rivers ran against John Dingell because Republicans gerrymandered her district out of existence and pitted her against Dingell. As for the NRA, Dingell is the one endorsed by the NRA, despite Steel’s attempt to fool people into thinking he has their support; just like he is trying to con people into thinking he has union support. The Democrat party is - and always has- standing up for working men and women.

--by Kevin Shopshire on 10/6/10   Lives: Michigan  

Kevin Shopshire. It's about TIME you get your fact straight. The Democrat Party Is The party of the super rich. George Soros, John Kerry ETC. WAKE UP . You are being conned by the UAW union boys.

--by Pete on 10/6/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Placing John Dingell in the 'Democratic' blender as a reason to not vote for him is dead wrong. Congressman Dingell should have been with his bi-partisanship, seniority, and ability to get things done, Chairman of the Energy and Commerce committee, instead he was pushed aside by the House leader and many liberal democrats from California.

The NRA has been extreme and its leaders lobbied Congress to oppose labor laws that had nothing to do with 'gun rights'. The USWA, AFL-CIO and many unions have partnered with the Union Sportsmen Alliance as they protect gun rights without destroying labor unions and collective bargaining. Just look at the Board members of the NRA and research their history, extreme agendas hurting labor, pensions, and healthcare, protecting the big lobby, oil, corporations, etc.

As a steelworker, do you believe in supporting American workers, then look at the label of Dr. Rob Steele's tshirts, they are made in Nicaraqua, John Dingell's campaign materials are made in USA by Union labor. A MAJOR DIFFERENCE IN PHILOSOPHY OF THE POLITICAL PARTIES!

John Dingell is a proud Democrat, like his father who is responsible for millions of elderly Americans staying out of poverty with Social Security, and Medicare.
Would you not vote for any Republican and stereotype them as immoral based on Governor Sanford, Senator Ted Stevens, no you never hear or will read from the mainstream media outlets any Republicans state Republicans are all the same based on these scandals.

Each candidate has to be judged for their record and their merits, and as a citizen in the 15th Congressional District, I am proud to support and vote for John D. Dingell! Voting for Steele is more of the same

--by Andrew Linko on 10/6/10   Lives: Michigan  

the Deroit News reports indicates that 237 US Congress members are self-reported millionaires, including two of the eight U.S. Representatives from Metro Detroit.
John Dingell, D-Dearborn, tops the Michigan list with a calculated net worth of $2.6 million

--by you want facts on 10/6/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Just for the record, the top 3 wealthy congresmen from michigan are all DEMOCRATS. For the working man my A**.

--by Cally on 10/6/10   Lives: Detroit area  

Lets talk Democrat millionairs. Out of the top 10 riches millionairs in congress. 2 are Repubicans and 8 are Democrats. Now for Democrat Speaker of the house Nancy Polosi, how about this. One of the most prominent is Nancy Pelosi, leader of the Democratic minority, who lists assets of up to $92 million held jointly with her businessman husband Paul. They include two vineyards, one valued between $5 million and $25 million and the other valued between $1 million and $5 million, and a stake in a restaurant chain worth as much as $25 million. They also own three pieces of prime San Francisco real estate—one being their personal dwelling in the posh Pacific Heights neighborhood—each valued at up to $5 million. Rounding out their real estate holdings are two mountain townhouses and a share in a resort, worth up to $11 million combined Yes there are more millionairs in congress both Republican an Democrats But the riches of the rich are all DEMOCRATS.

--by Truth to tell on 10/6/10   Lives: Michigan  

Thanks Pete, but my facts are straight. The Democratic Party is the party of the working man and woman, the middle class and the vulnerable. If the Democrats were the party of the “super rich” like you claim then you might be able to come up with someone besides George Soros; a man, by the way, who did not inherit his wealth like the numerous Republicans billionaires. One of those “union UAW boys” is my father; a man who would give you the shirt off his back.

--by Kevin Shopshire on 10/6/10   Lives: Michigan  

Oh yea, right on target! Mr Dingell is a shadow of himself.
His ideals, which I agreed with, have been stripped from him by the California congressional goons. Now Mr. Dingell is just a sock puppet for Pelosi. The party of Truman is dead. The best reason to vote for Steele is Polosi.

--by Sammy on 10/6/10   Lives: Detroit area  

The doc is drinking too much Mangosteen and sharing his Amway stash with Russ. This is the most fictitious piece yet. You are not becoming a Republican, you are becoming a Tea Party member.

--by Patient on 10/6/10   Lives: Detroit area  

As a tribute to my mother who has now passed away, I use her 1960 edition Webster's New world Dictionary. She bought this book when she returned to Eastern Michigan University as a young mother of three. From her dictionary I read the word preposterous: 2. contrary to nature, reason or common sense. Many points in your article are preposterous but the most preposterous of all is that John Dingell has capitulated and become a follower. I watched with my own eyes the summer of 2009 when a group of lunatics descended upon his town hall meeting, threatening violence, because of health care reform. There stood John Dingell, calm and solid as a rock. Your assertions in this article are preposterous.

--by Chuck Turvey on 10/6/10   Lives: Michigan  

To Mr. Turvey:
of course mr dingell stood up there solid as a rock.
pelosi told him to.

--by LeRoy on 10/7/10   Lives: Detroit area  

Russ, I remember watching At Random regularly back in the day. Even when you were wrong, you were entertaining. This is neither. Even the part where you said you've been a Democrat all your life--people who've known you that long know it's not true. Nor did Dingell drop his membership in the NRA--he resigned from the Board of Directors over assault weapons. Finally, he never follows anyone but his own consciensce.

--by Jocko on 10/7/10   Lives: Dearborn  

LANSING, Mich. — In what is perceived as an anti-incumbent year, Congressman John Dingell (D-MI) – the longest-serving member of the U.S. House of Representatives – slightly trails his Republican opponent Rob Steele. A new, independent poll shows 43.8 percent choosing Steele, 39.5 percent Dingell, 11 percent undecided, and the other candidates splitting up the rest.
“With more than 50 years of service in Congress, Dingell may be the poster boy for many dissatisfied voters who are gunning for incumbents this year,” said Kelly Rossman-McKinney, CEO and founder of The Rossman Group which conducted the survey in partnership with Team TelCom. “The ‘Dean of the House’ will be tough to beat, but these numbers show that at this point, even The Dean is not immune to the anger that is brewing with the electorate.”
Dingell and Steele both carry about three quarters of their respective party supporters, but Dingell trails 31.7 percent to fifty percent amongst Independent voters and by nearly 80 points amongst those who consider themselves Tea Party supporters. Steele is ahead 46.7 percent to 37.9 percent amongst voters 65 and older, and the only age group Dingell leads in is the 30-45 category. Men prefer Steele by a 54.4 to 31.6 margin, while women choose Dingell 46.9 to 33.8 percent.
The automated poll, conducted October 4, surveyed 400 likely voters in Michigan’s 15th Congressional District on the contest and has a margin of error of +/- 5.6%. The weekly survey of 400 likely voters statewide on Michigan’s races for Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General was also conducted on October 4th. The results of the questions on statewide races are attached and charts showing the progress over the last several weeks are attached:
Rick Snyder – 53%
Virg Bernero – 30.5%
Undecided – 16.5%
Secretary of State
Ruth Johnson – 47%
Jocelyn Benson – 30.8%
Undecided – 22.3%
Attorney General
Bill Schuette – 47%
David Leyton – 29%
Undecided – 24%

--by John Dingell on 10/7/10   Lives: USA  

Russ, Your comments on John Dingell were excellent. You made it perfectly clear you were not voting against Mr Dingell but the Democratic Party. I too feel the same way and will vote for Dr Steele.

--by Patty on 10/7/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Hey Russ, This just popped up on the Detrit free press web page.
Posted: Oct. 8, 2010
Poll: In House race, Rob Steele leads John Dingell by 4 points

--by Sara on 10/8/10   Lives: Detroit area  

You did make it perfectly clear that you are not voting against Mr. Dingell but the Democratic Party. I am not voting, necessarily, for Mr. Dingell, but AGAINST the Republican party.

It is a shame that this is what this country has involved into. But it has, so I have to adapt.

--by Cloe on 10/8/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Mr Gibbs, Like you I have voted for john Dingell many times. He is a good man. But the Democratic Party he has been stuck with over the last several years is no longer the party it once was.It use to be for the working man, today it seems more concerned about people who are not here legally and don't look very hard for work. Like John my parents were from Poland and were proud to learn English. Schools back then did not teach Polish they taught English. The Democratic Party No longer is the party of the working man, but has become the party of big union bosses and goverment workers called bureaucrats

--by Cal. on 10/8/10   Lives: Detroit area  

A new independent poll has the dean of the U.S. House, Rep. John Dingell, trailing his Republican opponent, Rob Steele, by 4 percentage points.

The automated phone survey of 300 people in the 15th Congressional District showed Steele getting 43.8% of the vote. Dingell, a Dearborn Democrat and the longest-serving member of Congress, got 39.5%. About 11% were undecided. The gap is within the poll's margin of error of plus or minus 5.6 percentage points. The poll was conducted Monday.

--by Luke on 10/8/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Here is another reason to throw ALL the Obama mob out of Washington DC . No Cost of Living Raise for Social Security in 2011.. two years in a row. no cost of living. Iam voting for Steele.

--by Ted Swarski on 10/11/10   Lives: Michigan  


I agree that Dingell has to go, let’s get that out of the way right off.

I will say regarding cost of living for SS, why is everyone so down on others getting a cost of living increase in pay, but people on Social Security deserve it? Aren’t we all in the same boat? Shouldn’t we all have to tighten the belt? We are asking all government employees to take pay cuts, why not people on Social Security? Keep in mind that before people start lecturing me about "fixed incomes" that no one is exactly seeing any windfalls in income out here.

Maybe once we get Dingell, the king of social security raiders out of office, we can start banking that money again.

--by Fred on 10/31/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Well, Dingell was re-elected. Nice knowing your opinion, Russ.

--by Dingell Dork on 12/1/10   Lives: Detroit area  

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