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Hot Times in Texas

September 3, 2010

OK, Here you go. Now they're having a hell of a hot time in Texas. This is a talk show Disc Jockey from Houston. I've never heard of him before, but he sure comes down hard on the Democrats.

So, if you're a Democrat you can write in and tell me that he doesn't know what he is saying and complain. That's fine. Because within the next few days I am going to put up a pro-Arab thing and that is going to drive some of my conservative friends crazy, but I am sorry. This is still a Democracy and we still have to hear different voices even those voices that we don't like.

Take a listen to this guy. He is something else.

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Russ, I understand 100% how this guy and people like him feel. I feel that we have made a most egregious error in this country electing this socialist to the office of President. The problem is that, like so often happens, the anger and frustration about Obama and the Democrats (or anyone else) tends to drag some unwarranted issues into the vortex of the protest and argument. We cant trash our constitution because we are in tough times and angry or scared.

I don’t believe that we should have our rights stolen from us by anyone, be it Obama with his lawless open door immigration policy, or George W. Bush with the Patriot Act.

The most frustrating part of this whole problem is, now that we know who the enemy is…..Who is the good guy? Who do we embrace? The Republicans who gave us two foreign wars predicated on lies and deception? The Tea Party who is there to do nothing but siphon votes away from the Republicans? The Independents, Greens, or any other parties who get shut out of the process every single year while we let the media silence them? All we are doing every year is voting one group out to send a message to the ones that are still there, and the ones who we vote in end up just like the ones we voted out. It's not the people Russ, it's the broken system!

We all seem to know who to fight against, problem is, and we don’t know who to fight for! We know the system is courrupt and broken, yet we lack the will to rise against it. We have become a country of angry idiots with no will to overcome the out of control government we have allowed to run our lives.

--by Pick a fight, for what? on 9/3/10   Lives: USA  

Good question...who are the good guys?

One point though, please stop the rhetoric about the wars being started on lies. We have testimony from Iraqi generals that the many chemical and biological weapons were moved to Syria before we invaded Iraq. This was actually known at the time of the invasion by the intelligence people, but for politics we didn't charge into Syria looking for the stuff, and for political reasons we don't do it now. I am not saying you have to like the war, but that line of bull that Bush lied is simply not true. Again, as in Vietnam, our military was prevented from conducting the war as it should have been conducted. We should have gone after the weapons when we knew they were being transferred. There are also many instances where Hussein gave aid to Al Quaida (sp), for example, he ran training camps that taught many different Muslim groups how to take over jet liners with small knives. The Iraquis had WMD's and supported those who attacked us on 9/11. These facts are summarized in many places, but our mass media ignores them. Please don't replicate their failure.

--by Dearborn Citizen on 9/3/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Pick A Fight for What?

I remember 9/11. I remember the pentagon and the trade centers being bombed.

The Patriot Act was approved by Congress. It was reapproved by Congress. You think your rights are being violated? How much inconveinence are you will to live with to stay free.

The Democrats and OBama are dismantling the country and our rights. They blame Bush for everything because their programs aren't working.

So tell me, are things better now then they were 20 months ago?

--by Law Student on 9/4/10   Lives: Detroit area  

Law Student:

As a "law student" you of all people should know that holding American Citizens without charges, due process or representation is 100% unconstitutional. All someone has to do is insinuate that a person has terrorist aspirations or ties and The Patriot Act facilitates that very breach of constitutional law. A couple of planes hit a couple buildings and all of a sudden, everyone is just letting the government do whatever they want to whoever they want without any oversight. That’s all great until they come for you.

Warrantless wire tapping, Illegal searches and detentions, the NSA recording every domestic Email and logging every domestic phone call. These rights we had to privacy and due process are ideals that our founders fought and died to provide us. The Patriot act has provided the end run that the government desperetly wanted to destroy anyone’s lives under the guise of national security. For the very few items that the Patriot act does not let the government do with regard to “listening and recording” they simply use Echelon in Canada to do it. Every single web search tagged and logged by the Information Awareness Office (IAO), all of these holes in our right to privacy poked by our government.

Before you start squealing about terrorists not deserving rights, I’m not talking about enemy combatants, I’m talking about American citizens in America who get picked up for whatever reason and simply disappear with no charges, or contact. Assets get frozen, property seized and all without a warrant or probable cause, only a charge of “terrorist activity.” Of course, you or anyone else can see the charges or the evidence because it’s all classified. It’s happening to US born citizens who enjoy constitutional protection under the law. The Patriot Act stripes us of our constitutional rights with no recourse.

Do yourself a favor, hit the books a little harder, you have a lot to learn about constitutional law. People like you just love the Patriot act until they themselves end up on a terrorist watch list or no fly list for any reason. It happens all the time. Than you lose your right to freely travel, your assets, and everything you do is under a microscope. What the hell kind of lawyer thinks the Patriot Act is anything but an end run around the Constitution?

--by Law Student Ay? on 9/4/10   Lives: USA  

Nice observations. Good Arguments. Looks like you have been reading the liberals and OBama too much.

Just remember, 1.3 million men and women protect your rights.

Just an observation.

--by Law Student on 9/5/10   Lives: Detroit area  

Yes and nearly 1 million non combatant Iraqi's and Afghani’s and 4000 US troops died to protect the flow of oil out of Iraq (that’s their estimate, most think it’s a lot higher).

Speaking as someone who has walked that battlefield we supposedly just vacated as a member of the US Military, it's hard to believe that you and the rest of the American public sat still for this even though Cheney, Libby, Rumsfeld, and Baby Bush got caught, at best, in a total state of incompetence, at worst, the most costly lie in US history to both US troops and innocent people, and for what? What did we gain? Are we safer now? Are we as a nation more prosperous now? Do we enjoy more rights and freedom? Do the Iraqi's feel safer? Are their lives better? No, none of these things have occurred, quite the opposite. Our economy is being crushed under the weight of two foreign wars in addition to everything else!

This is not a liberal or Republican thing. On the battle field, there are no Liberals or Republicans, only soldiers and Marines. We all earned our GI bill the hard way. The Democrats sat back and ignorantly voted to march blindly to the beat of the war drums just like everyone else did. In Washington, they are all playing for the same team and our service men and women, as well as a lot of innocent non-coms are paying the ultimate price so we can have cheap gas.

--by Lay down your arms on 9/6/10   Lives: USA  

To 'Law Student AY' : You sorta sound like a Hollywood movie, claiming that American citizens are being 'picked up' for no reason, and 'disappearing.' Can you give examples of this?

--by Dearborn Citizen on 9/6/10   Lives: Dearborn  

To 'Lay down your arms': You claim that a million non-combatants died to protect the flow of oil out of Iraq. The actual number is probably one-tenth of that, but even so, that is a lot of people. It is hard to understand why you believe that most of those people died at the hands of Americans. You were there. Didn't you notice how many Iraqi's were dying at the hands of other Iraqi's?

And the notion that we invaded to claim the oil. Why didn't we do it, then? We could have kept all our troops busy guarding the pipelines and other facilities, couldn't we? But we didn't. Because that wasn't the main reason for our invasion. Georgie made the 'vietnam' mistake in not letting his generals run the war they needed to run. He let Rumsfeld overrule the generals. We should have hit Syria immediately when we knew they were taking in the WMD's. Incompetent? I can't disagree.

--by Really? on 9/6/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Let’s start with one of Uncle Russ's favorite folks:

For those of you who think they know what the Patriot Act is, and what it means to you, check out:

Consider that there are provisions within the Patriot act that allow your DNA to be taken and logged into a government database for crimes as minor as shoplifting. What's wrong with this? Why does it matter if you don’t break the law? What if you’re simply accused of breaking the law? You are than processed (finger printed, photographed and a DNA sample can be taken) and even if your 100% exonerated, those pieces of information stay with the government. It's completely legal thanks to the Patriot Act that the Obama administration has not only embraced, but expanded.

Don’t take my word, do your own research. If you would like more, simply push the little keys on your keyboard and do a Google search. Of course, your Google search will be tagged and logged to your IP address and sent to the Information Awareness Office (another government agency created by the Patriot act that would have been illegal before the Patriot Act) along with every single bit and byte of information you look at or download and every single web site you visit or spend money on, medical records, phone calls, everything. Why do you think the push to get everyone on line and get your medical records on a database? Go on or to Boarders and get a book about it, but of course, that purchase, like all other purchases, have been tagged and placed in your E-File for later use of needed.

--by Here ya go on 9/6/10   Lives: USA  

Laydown Your Arms,

Curious, did you ever serve? If you did then you understand the concept of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Under the code, There are articles that require following orders.

There is also a section where a member of the military is not allowed to make remarks against the president.

Just an observation

--by Law Student on 9/6/10   Lives: Detroit area  

Would it be possible to organize a meetup of the readers of this site? Listening to the conservatives on here, I think it would be hilarious to meet with them in person.

Here's a great article that everyone should read:

You can see it in action here on this site. Look at how fervently the conservatives attack the liberals. Yet, they actually have no idea what they are talking about.

I'll even pay for the drinks if we can organize something. I'd love to talk to some of the nutcases on here, and see if it's just lack of education, or if they just actually crazy, that has led them to their beliefs.

--by Bertrand Russell on 9/7/10   Lives: Dearborn  

I presume you are making reference to section 888, article 88 "CONTEMPT TOWARDS OFFICIALS." As it reads:

"Any commissioned officer who uses contemptuous words against the President, the Vice President, Congress, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of a military department, the Secretary of Transportation, or the Governor or legislature of any State, Territory, Commonwealth, or possession in which he is on duty or present shall be punished as a court-martial may direct."

Please indicate what section of the Uniform Code of Military Justice indicates that retired or discharged NCO's cant make "contemptuous remarks" about a former President (or even a current one for that matter). I am not familiar with that section of the UCMJ. Perhaps you could enlighten us. If you are going to veer off of the discussion to bring up the UCMJ, that says a lot about where you are in this discussion.

--by Tell us More on 9/7/10   Lives: USA  

Science has started to give an answer as to why the conservatives on here really have no idea what they are talking about. It's a great research paper on how the falsehood that Obama is a Muslim won't die.

Cue someone chiming in that this is liberal research. Hint: calling those of us with college degrees a liberal doesn't insult liberals. It insults conservatives.

--by Science on 9/7/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Be Careful SCIENCE. If you keep talking like that, one of these Dick Cheney types will get frustrated and label you as un-patriotic or un-American or a Christian Hater. How dare you question the non-Christianity of Obama! That’s pretty much the SOP for Republicans when they can’t come back with a reasonable argument. They also like to derail the discussion and tell you you’re breaking the law. That’s one of my favorites!

--by The Moth on 9/7/10   Lives: USA  

"And the notion that we invaded to claim the oil. Why didn't we do it, then?"

REALLY? Don’t you people pay any attention to what in the hell is going on over there?

We did much worse than claim the oil, Our Military claimed it than turned it back over to the private oil companies that Saddam threw out a year before we invaded his country. Why do you think baby Bush dragged us back in there in the first place knowing that there were NO WMD's and NO involvment in 9-11? Saddam tossed out the private oil companies who were pumping and refining oil and threatened to start selling to China. This would be a huge blow to those oil producers who stood to lose billions and would have made Iraq the region’s biggest competitor of Saudi Arabia. The only thing we went in there to do is liberate oil fields! Combat troops are out but there is a green zone a mile deep around the oil fields manned by American Troops.

With Saddam able to sell his oil to anyone he would have been able to drive the price of oil into the dirt by simply dumping it into China, India, and all over. This by itself would have not only cost guys like the Bin Laden's and the Saudi's hundreds of billions, it would have cost American oil producers and investors like the Bush’s, Dick Cheney and most of his henchmen as well as guys like Joe Biden and Al Gore (yea, "Mr. Green" is a HUGE oil investor) and 80% of Congress millions in oil dividends. They are all super invested in oil. Invading Iraq was simply good business.

You people had better get your heads out of the NY Times and Detroit News and start looking at how your own elected officials make money and use our military to do their dirty work and the dirty work of their buddies in Saudi Arabia!

--by There you go again! on 9/7/10   Lives: USA  

Tell Us More,

If you were a commissioned Officer or Warrant Officer, you can be recalled to active duty for making comteptuous remarks.

In this day and age, there is always the possiblity of the president recalling to active duty a retired noncom for making contemptuous remarks.

As you so adroitly stated, under the Patriot Act, the same person could end up on trial.

You didnt answer the question, did you serve?

Probably not.

--by Law Student on 9/8/10   Lives: Detroit area  

Even worse than the possibility that we really did go to war to protect the oil companies and Saudi Arabia, I have seen statements that an Egyptian envoy met with George Bush while we were ramping up to war, bringing an offer from Saddam: Give Saddam a couple of billion dollars and promise him sanctuary somewhere nice, and he would leave without a shot. If this is true, why didn't Bush take the offer? It would have saved hundreds of billions of dollars of US money, saved an enormous number of lives - mostly Iraqui - and left Iraq with a reaonably orderly government. The rest of the Sunni Arab world would have been much less upset with us. The possibility of actual democracy would be greater now than it is. If George Bush really turned down that offer, perhaps he is a war criminal after all.

--by Dearborn Citizen on 9/8/10   Lives: Dearborn

Another great article on the anti-science, anti-education position of the right. When are we going to start publicly calling conservatives out for what they are?

If the right loves this country as much as they say they do, the best way for them to help is by not voting.

--by Science on 9/9/10   Lives: Dearborn  

To 'There You Go Again": You make some intriguing arguments. Question: Would Saddam selling oil to China and India have lowered the cost of oil for the rest of us? If so, should America have stood back and let that happen? It surely would have made me happy to buy gas at $1.50 per gallon again. That would have left murderous Saddam in charge in Iraq, killing his own citizens, would have left him sending bonus money to bombers in Hamas, would have left him running terrorist training camps like the one that trained to take over jetliners. You know, the one some of the 9/11 Saudis attended. The WMD's were moved to Syria before we invaded. We know this because the Iraqi generals have told us. The Israeli intelligence knew this before we invaded. There are reams of documentation to show the WMD's and connection to 9/11 are real.

I am ready to believe that our oil prices might have fallen if Saddam could have sold oil to China. I am not ready to say that it would have been worth keeping that bastard alive and in power.

--by There I go...Where? on 9/9/10   Lives: Detroit area  

Law Student, you never did answer the question.

Please indicate what section of the UCMJ indicates that retired or discharged NCO's (or WO's for that matter) can’t make "contemptuous remarks" about a former President (or even a current one for that matter).

Neither an NCO nor a WO are not COMMISHIONED Officers. Section 888, Article 88 still does not apply. Can you please provide an article of the UCMJ that applies?

Are you sure you’re a law student or served in the US military?

Probably not!

--by Please, enlighten us on 9/9/10   Lives: USA  

Would Saddam selling oil to China and India have lowered the cost of oil for the rest of us?

This seems like an easy one here! Sure, low fuel prices would be great for the US consumer, but horrible for the oil companies, investors and producers.

I could be wrong, but I think that was the entire point of the whole post. Had the price of oil dropped, it would have cost Saudi Arabia, Opec Nations, and Oil investors like those in the US Government hundreds of Billions of dollars.

"The Israeli intelligence knew this before we invaded. There are reams of documentation to show the WMD's and connection to 9/11 are real."

There were also supposedly reams of documentation that said that the Iraqi's were buying "yellowcake" Uranium from Africa. Of course, that turned out the be another big fat pack of lies by the Bush Administration.

I didn’t see Iraqi Generals testifying under oath to Congress about weapons being moved to Syria. I did, however, see plenty of people like George Tenent (Director of the CIA) and many other CIA station chiefs testify that there was absolutely no evidence of WMD's, no credible evidence of Iraq buying or securing Uranium.

Finally, The Bush Administration knew Iraq was no threat to us at all, and if WMD's were moved to a terrorist state like Syria, why didn’t we invade them? They were proven to have far more connection to 9-11 than Iraq did via state support of the conspirators.

Bottom line, no real oil reserves in Syria.

--by And here you get ....some more on 9/9/10   Lives: USA  


I reviewed the artical you listed, it is an opinion piece of a liberal writer. Just because he says so doesn't make it true.

--by Moe on 9/9/10   Lives: Dearborn  

'There you go again' says we invaded Iraq to take command of their oil fields and PREVENT cheap oil. Farther up, 'Lay Down Your Arms' claims we invaded Iraq to take command of their oil fields to CAUSE cheap oil. And 'Bertrand Russell' thinks it is the conservatives on this site who are hilarious.

--by Just an observation... on 9/9/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Please Enlighten us,

Yes, I did serve in the military. I spent a significant amount of time in the service (1977-2008) 3 year and 4 months on active duty after 9/11. During which time I was a federal law enforcement officer (14USC82/14USC02.

I do know the difference between an NCO and a Warrant officer.

What you are missing is Article 15. If a NCO/Warrant Officer makes remarks regarding the president and they are deemed against conduct and good order, then, under article 15 they can be charged, investigated and can face up to a court martial for their conduct.

If you require a copy of my DD214 and Retirement letter from George Bush, I will be more than happy to provide them.

So what service were you in and when did you serve?

Probably Not!

--by Law Student on 9/11/10   Lives: Detroit area  

I’m sorry, but I have to jump in here. What does article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice have to do with this thread and the OP? How did this get hooked into this discussion about discrimination against Muslims and how Muslims have suffered just as much as anyone else over the fallout of 9-11? How does this have anything to do with the discussion? Why are you people going back and forth and chest thumping about your military background when the discussion had nothing to do with that? Whats your point? You served, he served, SO WHAT? Now even former military people are going to start fighting over how Muslims have suffered discrimination as a result of 9-11. Everyone appreciates your service, but to want to use it as a club to beat someone over the head because they disagree with current and former administration policy (and your opinion) is just asinine. Who in the hell do you people think you are to come out here and tell other people what they can think in an open forum and think you can stifle someone’s opinions because of some obscure article of the UCMJ that addresses things like cutting in line in the chow hall?

Some of you people need to get a frigging life! Stick to arguing about teacher pay vs. public utility workers pay. Enough already! Not everyone in the world needs to come out here and blow their own claxtons and post their resume' to get their point across.

--by GROW UP PEOPLE on 9/11/10   Lives: Detroit area  

I am genuinely puzzled. Muslims are doing great in Dearborn. What discrimination? There haven't been any cases of Muslims being attacked. The only 'violence' cited by the Homeland Security chief last year was Sunni-on-Shia graffiti. He didn't even mention the broken windows in Shia-owned stores on Warren Avenue the day after the Shias publicly celebrated the execution of Saddam, which was again Sunni-on-Shia violence.

Again, what discrimination?

--by What Discrimination? on 9/11/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Have you turned on a television or picked up a newspaper lately? If we are not discriminating against Muslims, why all the fuss about the community center/Mosque near ground zero? There is a chapel AT ground zero, there are churches and synagogue’s near ground zero. What do you call that if not discrimination?

--by Obvious discrimination on 9/13/10   Lives: Detroit area  

Come on, nobody is saying a mosque can't be built in New York city. It just shouldn't be built AT ground zero. There are quite a few Muslims who agree. And, for your reminder, there is a church at ground zero that still hasn't been allowed to rebuild after being damaged in the attack. My question was about Dearborn-area discrimination.

I have seen many instances where Muslims get their way, in City Hall and in the school system. So, where is this discrimination we keep hearing about? The biggest homes being built are being built by Arab-Muslims. By every observable standard, Muslims seem to be doing quite well in Dearborn.

As for discrimination, the amount of anti-Muslim incidents have fallen every year since 2001. The amount of anti-Jewish incidents still outnumber them by a multiple, and always have. The public Arab voices pretend there is this great, and growing, anti-Muslim hatred in this country. They pretend this because they are selling hatred themselves. The truth is, Muslims have been well-treated in this country, despite the many attacks since 9/11 by Muslims against Americans. And in Dearborn, the point of my question, Muslims couldn't have it better.

--by What Discrimination? on 9/13/10   Lives: Dearborn  

There is no Dearborn area discrimination because Muslims out number non-Muslims in at least 2/3 of the city. Just go out a few miles away from Dearborn and see how Arabs are treated.

Anyone with money and influence can own a governing body. Look at our School Board! Half of them, and their President, belong to AAPAC. All it took was some money and for people like you all to stay home on Election Day and allow it to happen.

Registered non-Muslim voters outnumber un-registered Muslim voters in Dearborn, yet look at what we have. They can’t get but one or two elected, so they simply buy off the rest. That doesn’t make Muslims evil, hell, that makes them more American than anything else!

Don't blame the players folks, blame the game, and WE perfected the game in America.

--by eric on 9/17/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Eric, you are claiming that Muslims outnumber non-Muslims in Dearborn, and that is not true. Also, you imply that just outside Dearborn, Arabs are treated badly. Really? Then cite some examples. There has been no violence against Arabs in the Detroit area. CAIR and other groups make a huge fuss over nothing, such as the idiot who fired a gun at the FBI and -surprise! - got shot for his trouble. If any violence took place against Arabs in the Metro area, we would have heard plenty about it. It hasn't happened. It is a myth.

That being said, it is true that the school board either belongs to, is paid off by, or scared to death of AAPAC. Since AAPAC apparently controls the Arab-Muslim school population, keeping them home when they so order and thus costing the schools money, they scare the members they don't own.

Again, regarding discrimination against Muslims, it is a myth. Untrue. False.

--by Stop It on 9/18/10   Lives: Dearborn  

One big mouth Arabic idiot threatens to tell Arabic families to keep the kids home means nothing. There is so much in-fighting among different groups of Arabic people that a Lebanese guy telling Iraqi's to stay home would mean nothing. I would love to see all Arabic students stay home during student count week. To make any real impact on the district, they would have to stay home for at least 10 days after count day. Every student who did that would fail because of excessive absences. Students only get 9 unexcused days off per semester before loss of credit. That’s why it would never happen in a million years. Just a hollow threat by a single big mouth Dearborn know nothing playing on the stupidity, fear and ignorance of other Dearborn know nothings.

--by Let them stay home! on 9/18/10   Lives: Dearborn  


Just to show how blindly you look at a post for what you want to see, rather than what is written, your first sentence is in complete and total error! No one said Muslims outnumber non-Muslims in Dearborn. What it said that they outnumber non-Muslims in 2/3 of Dearborn. That is a huge difference. In South and East Dearborn, Muslims outnumber non-Muslims. In the West end, Muslims are well outnumbered by non-Muslims. Incidentally, 80% of Dearborn voters are west of Golfview Drive (and only 1/3 of them vote). Stop filtering your responses through your ignorance and read them for what they say.

How does one equate violence as being the end all of discrimination? Are you so obtuse to suggest that it’s not discrimination unless it results in violence? If so, we would still have black people drinking from their own drinking fountains and eating in the alley behind eateries. 98% of discrimination is non-violent but is still discrimination. How would you like it if you sat down on a park bench and two kids called you a kike? That isn’t discrimination? If someone refuses to rent a flat to you because your Italian and you will stink up the house, isn't that discrimination? 98% of these types of things are never reported or prosecuted.

Please site one instance when anyone "stayed home” costing the school money. It’s clear that you have absolutely no clue how student count in this state works. Even if it did happen, those kids have to eventually come back to school. Once they come back, they are all still counted. Student count day is not just on one day it's done over 10 days and sometimes, can still be counted for up to 30 days. To stop coming for the student count window would result in audit or failure by way of attendance. Please stick to things you actually know about and stop spewing fearful misinformation and ignorance.

--by Stop the ignorance! on 9/18/10   Lives: Dearborn  

If not for Middle Eastern students, you school district and your city would be completely bankrupt!

Federal ESL, and Bi-Lingual dollars would disappear.

Title 1 money would be gone

Your student count would drop to about ½ of what it is.

Your free and reduced lunch and "at risk" money would vanish

Your DOD Arabic language dollars would go away

2/3 of your store fronts would be empty

Where would you buy gasoline and cigerettes?

There can only be so many McDonalds and Burger Kings. 80% of all other food establishments including grocery stores are Arab owned

All of these things bring a ton of money into your school district and city. Dearborn had better thank God for Allah!

--by the money train on 9/18/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Hey, 'Money Train', I never said I wanted Muslim students to go away. By the way, I think Muslims represent more than 50% of the students. What I don't want is the schools run to Muslim rules.

--by Pay close attention on 9/19/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Arabs are the only folks who are creating their own underground economy in this state. Most do not rely on government handouts, but rather, look upon them as added bonuses. I am disgusted at the abuses our welfare system is suffering at the hands of immigrants who are working the system, but one has to admire their organization, tenacity and brazen attitude towards things like paying taxes, cutting banks out of the picture and milking the insurance companies. The bottom line is that they are taking 100% full advantage of anything and everything they can and are accelerating right past most "by the book" non-Arabic families economically. They are doing the very same things to government, banks and insurance companies that those entities have been doing to us for decades. We are just pissed off because we have forgotten how to keep these entities out of our pockets and paychecks. Most non-Arabic people carry checkbooks and credit cards and give a damn about credit scores. Most Arabic people carry cash and could care less about credit scores. They don’t let banks and insurance companies run their lives, only Americans do that.

--by The best kept secret in the city! on 9/19/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Do you get paid a dollar every time you accuse someone of ignorance? Next you will use the term 'blatant lies'. Attacking the messenger is all you know how to do, apparently. I can cite several instances where the school system arranged for a certain day off for the Eid at the end of Ramadan, yet no Muslim students showed up for several days. At Salina, the official figure was 3 out of 663 students showed. Even though teachers were paid - those who were Muslim called in 'sick' so they would still get paid - the school system couldn't count the school days because not enough students showed up. That meant a loss to the school system when they had to add days later in the calendar. This happened enough times that now there is generally a 3-day 'holiday' at that time.

As to who is 'Spewing fearful misinformation and ignorance?' Look in the mirror.

--by There it is again! on 9/19/10   Lives: Dearborn  

You are 100% off point! you are tslking about activities that occur as a result of the celebration of the Eide, not some people who stopped coming to school because some arabic leader told them to stay home. What in the hell argument are you looking at? Dont you pay attention?

If you going to give Christians two weeks off for Christmas, you have to give everyone time off too! If not, stop giving days off for Christmas and everyone else!

--by bistanders on 9/19/10   Lives: Dearborn  

This is America, 'Bystander', and Christmas has been celebrated here as part of American culture for a long time. It is the very 'community leaders' who instruct the students and their parents to not attend school. How else do you think everybody gets the message? And, we DON'T have to allow every immigrant religion the same weight in our culture. Your attitude is common, though, among the Arabs in Dearborn. You think that only YOUR culture should be respected. You keep forgetting that your are supposed to respect America, and American culture.

--by Not a Bystander on 9/19/10   Lives: Dearborn  


Apparently, you have no knowledge of your own bill of rights, Constitution and the law requiring a separation of church and state.

The reality is that you do have to give every religion the same weight or no weight at all. It’s the law.

--by Read your constitution on 9/22/10   Lives: Dearborn  

There you go again, throwing the charge of 'ignorance' is so easy to be you, isn't it? In the last 50 years, the atheists have attacked many expressions of religion in America. The fact is that American culture is still basically Christian. The long holidays at Christmas are due to the unions establishing them. Before that, not so many had a long holiday at that time of year. They had to work most of those days. My point was cultural, and that is that immigrants have no business expecting the rest of America to grant their religious practices equal weight with established practices.

And, since we are discussing it, why hasn't the ACLU hammered on the practice of the Fordson football team saying prayers before games? Well, because they are politically-correct, that's why. So much for your guardians of Civil Liberties, eh?

--by There you go again on 9/24/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Wow! Maybe you should send a letter to the ACLU and get them right on that.

As long as Immigrants have to live under the same laws and protections that the US Constitution provides, and pay the same taxes that everyone else pays, they deserve exactly the same rights and perks that everyone else who pays taxes gets.

Simply put, you can’t give one bunch the week off and not everyone else. Separation of Church and State is the law of the land, like it or not. I don’t care much for the ACLU, but if you Bible Thumpers who don’t even know your own religion, they will keep chipping away at your illegal infusion of taxpayer funded religious rituals.

--by GO FORDSON! on 9/24/10   Lives: Dearborn  

There you go again:

I'm pretty sure I'm a conservative, and I'm pretty sure the ACLU defended me.

--by Oliver North on 9/24/10   Lives: USA  

Immigrants are supposed to live under the same laws. Muslims in Dearborn want to keep changing the laws to benefit their group. Above, you say you can't give one bunch the week off and not everyone else. Everyone else DOES get that week off, don't they? If you mean we have to allow for every religion to have a week off when they say so, you are nuts. When it comes to Muslims, they don't even know until a week beforehand when their celebration is going to take place. There are so many religions in the world, there would be holidays every other week.

'Go Fordson' says Bible Thumpers (THERE'S a nice term) don't know their own religion. This from somebody who denies the sword verses exist in the Koran. The 'illegal infusion of taxpayer-funded rituals' in Dearborn are the footbaths at UM-D. Those footbaths were installed after a series of lies by the Muslim Student Association, and are totally illegal.

--by Off the point on 9/25/10   Lives: Dearborn  


Perhaps instead of sitting on your well fed a$$es, perhaps you should do as those "groups" who change laws to their benefit and do something. People who whine anonymously on web sites just bear the brunt of their agenda’s.

Think about it for a minute people, those people find the time to buy lawmakers, make a pain of themselves to the point where by they get what they want DESPITE its illegality. They fly planes into buildings and talk people into blowing themselves up to scare us into giving up our freedoms. They simply turn us on each other, divide us and than they can do what they wish and we fight with each other while they do it. Do they really have magical powers? Are they super people from another planet? I really don’t think so. They are active and informed and push until they get what they want by any means. They bank on the stupidity and consumerism of our populous. They get people scared and mad and high than get them fighting to keep their MTV. They can’t elect people of their own so they buy the ones that can get elected. They scare people into thinking that only they can fix things. The American system of government and law is for sale to the highest bidder. It filters out the weak and those who carry the water, and allows those who know the game to make the decisions and live the good life.

Maybe we should stop playing the game the way it was written and start exploiting the system through its weaknesses just like so many others do. Our system of government was given just enough loop holes for the powerful to simply do what they want. What our fore-fathers didn’t provide initially, they simply scared everyone into relinquishing. You know things like the Patriot Act to legally trample through our privacy, Imminent Domain for builders to build shopping malls and sub divisions, Immigration Amnesty to bolster voting rolls for Liberals, taxing the air we breathe with a carbon tax, forcing us to buy car and health insurance from private insurance company’s or they garnish your wages, and so on.

--by To the rule breakers go the spoils on 9/25/10   Lives: USA  

So, 'To the Rule...": I would like to point out that you are whining anonymously on a web site. Just sayin'...

--by What is your point? on 9/27/10   Lives: Dearborn  

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