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August 9, 2010

Lavish Obama vacation in time of economic turmoil raises eyebrows...
While president preaches sacrifice, his family frolics in Spain...
Trip cost taxpayers $75k a day Headlines across America and the World. Nuff Said..Democrats pass bill to cut food stamps to pay for more laid-off teachers being rehired....UPDATE: Federal workers earning double their private counterparts...The Obama presidency is out of touch with the American people

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Ha, Ha it's all Bush's fault. Obama never makes a mistake. LOL

--by ted on 8/10/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Well It is pay back time. The teacher union is the second largest doner to the Democratic party.

--by C F on 8/11/10   Lives: Michigan  

Yes and we all know that teachers are not worth that whopping 34 grand starting pay a year! LOL!!! Its not like they have to be highly educated, have bills or deal with the likes of your kids all year long.

--by crux on 8/12/10   Lives: Michigan  

you mean starting pay of 34,0000 for about 185 days of work a year, and union protection. OH yeah and vacation and sick days... HMM sounds pretty good to me...

--by year round school on 8/12/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Only a person who has never had to pay off a student loan of over a hundred grand just to make 34 grand a year could be so ignorant to make such a comment. Even if teachers got half the year off, its still ridiculously low pay for that level of education required, the amount of crap they take from administrators, the state, the federal government, obnoxious students and most of all, ignorant parents.

Most people in this town are used to making 90 grand a year for building crap cars with a GED and getting a month off for summer shut down. Its no surprise at all that Dearborn is in the shape it’s in. Instead of supporting the institutions that raise our community out of the ashes of a collapsed auto industry, they ignorantly attack them.

I guess no one should be surprised considering what our public school system says vs. what we all see. They cry poverty, and build 10 million bucks worth of football stadiums. We cut music, but spend millions to keep students in bi-lingual programs for 10+ years.

--by Ignorance is bliss on 8/12/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Before I join in this discussion, I am where I am today because of the teachers that I have had along the way. For the record, I am educated too, I have a Bachelor’s Degree, a Master’s degree and thanks to the 9/11 GI Bill I am working on my Law degree

The teachers were able to negotiate the start times for the schools. What profession allows this to happen?

If you worked for Detroit Edison, you would have up to 4 weeks vacation, 2 personal days and pay for your health care. You are allowed up to 20 sick days a year. You are expected to be at work everyday. If you call in more than the company norm, you can face disciplinary action up to an including discharge.

This means as an employee of DTE, you are expected to be at work 240 days a year, not the 180 days. Did I tell you about shift work? 2 weeks of days, 1 week of afternoons and 1 week of midnights. Try that for a year.

Teachers work 180 days a year. They receive 18 sick days, 5 professional development days and 20 vacation days. They are off when schools are closed. So they are basically working 137 days. If they are making 35,0000 per year, that is 255.00 per day before taxes. This is just salary, does not include the cost of fringe benefits.

Never mind that their pay level goes up when they get their master's degree, etc

The example of that DTE employee, they will make 145.33per day. Their health care plan, they pay up to 20% of their health care costs depending on what plan they use. Their prescription costs are about 25%.

I am sorry, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for some one that is complaining about working at night to prepare for the next day. Why don’t you come and do my job? If I make a mistake or miss a deadline or one of a 100 different possibilities, then I have no protection, I am out of a job and I can face criminal and civil litigation.

Count your blessings teachers, heaven forbid if you have to go out a work a real job.

--by Law Student on 8/15/10   Lives: Detroit area  


Forgive me for asking, but have you ever BEEN a public school teacher? I have, it’s a pretty nice gig until the students and parents show up. I used to work for MichCon back in the 90's. I took two hour lunches and usually got a nap in before 2 pm. That was the greatest job until DTE took over and closed the Tireman lab down.

I currently work in the private sector and don’t get near the vacation time you DTE guys get. 4 weeks of vacation and personal days? You only pay 20% of your health care? DAMN! And you’re bitching about what teachers get for time off? That’s a SWEET DEAL considering the lousy service we get from DTE in my part of Dearborn. The wind blows a little bit and half the neighborhood goes dark! Bills are constantly wrong and considering how much skill it takes to read a damn meter, one would think you chimps could get that right.

If you went out and got a Masters Degree to get a $135.00 a day job, I would be pretty pissed off at what teachers make too! I know food service workers that make better money than that! I was making twice that with a High School Diploma back in the 90’s testing gas flow meters. I guess if I was making that king of money for the level of education you have, I would sound as pissed at the world as you are too.

--by Cry us a river on 8/16/10   Lives: Detroit area  

Cry Us A River,

I get 4 weeks vacation because I have been with the company for about 28 years. I got the master's degree because I had the time and money.

I am not pissed, I am making the point that teachers are over paid for what they provide. They are the only union that I know of that can set their hours and work calender. Were you able to do that at MICHCON.

The crummy service that you get from DTE is for another time and place. This is what happens when you break up monopolies.

Law Student

--by Law Student on 8/16/10   Lives: Detroit area  

Law Student:

You make 128 bucks a day and get 4 weeks off a year? No wonder out utility bills are so high! Unless you’re a lineman and up on that pole in the ice, you have no business making that kind of money and getting that kind of time off!

I don’t know where in the hell you get off digging in on teachers when you have it just as good or better!

Maybe if you guys spent a little less time on vacation and were paid a little more what your worth, our utility bills would not be out the roof!

By the way, what “monopoly” are you talking about? MichCon was swallowed up by Edison. If anything, NOW they have more of a monopoly than ever before!

--by Look Whose talking on 8/16/10   Lives: Michigan  

Obama said that helping Democrats get elected in November is his "focus over the next several months." Oh boy! More masive amounts of carbon spewed into the air as Obama jets around the country while he tells us we must sacrifice and conserve, while he spends hundreds of thousands if not millions of taxpayer dollars going to an endless parade of fundraisers and parties. Once again he avoids doing anything that remotely resembles work. Can someone please tell me precisely—at this point even roughly —how many full days he actually has spent at the White House and not campaigning. His entire presidency has been a perpetual campaign, which apprears to be all that he is good at—and now even that is beginning to wear very thin.

--by 2confused on 8/17/10   Lives: USA  

Look whose talking,

First off, until the early 1990's (1994 I think) the utilities in the state of michigan were de-regualted. This meant that for Detroit Edison to be competitive, they needed a natural gas entity. That is why they bought mich con. They spun off their overhead lines group and other entities.

My issue with teachers is that we are not getting any return. They hold school districts hostage.

Anytime you want to come to work and see what I do, let me know.

--by Law Student on 8/18/10   Lives: Detroit area  

To become competitive, DTE needs to broom the high paid stuffed shirts with big payrolls and 4 weeks of vacation. The real people that make DTE run are the people who go out rain, shine or freezing weather to keep the infrastructure up. You need to stop giving services away to people who dont pay and making those of us who DO pay foot the bill. You need to stop hiking the price of energy every 6 months. Your job could easily be done by people in Pakistan, India or Mexico for a fraction of the cost.

Personally, I would rather hit my own hand with a hammer that sit behind a desk like you and whine that teachers make too much when your right on par with them pay and bennafit wise.

Schools don’t produce any tangible goods, they teach students in impossible circumstances these days. Their curriculum is dictated to them by the state and federal government. They cant kick anyone out of school for any reason, and despite having huge populations of non English speaking students, mentally and physically disabled students, they all get counted the same when its test time in Michigan. Dearborn is one of the worst districts for wasting money on stupid things like lavish football fields. You want to blame teachers for all the stupidity that is perpetrated by YOUR elected officials.

--by OH PLEASE! TAKE A SEAT LAW STUDENT on 8/18/10   Lives: USA  

Oh Please! Take a Seat Law Student,

First off, DTE Energy does not have to be competitive. They are still in a semi monopoly because we as consumers are not able to buy our electricity from another company.

My example is from when I worked for Detroit Edison. Currently I am working as a consultant and going to law school.

Go ahead and hit your hand with the hammer. You will still have the same opinion 15 minutes later and you hand will be swollen and broken.

You do make a point, The real issue with public schools is that they are no longer educational institutions, rather, they are social service agencies.

The athletic fields that you mention were brought about because of the football field at fordson. Of course, DHS and EFHS both had to have new fields. The final cost was around 8.5 million dollars.

It was the parents, boosters and administrations that forced this issue. These field will be paid off in 10 years.

As for one of the worst districts, you always have the option of going to a charter school, private school or move out of michigan.

As always, just my observation

--by Law Student on 8/19/10   Lives: Detroit area  

And I quote"

"First off, until the early 1990's (1994 I think) the utilities in the state of Michigan were de-regulated. This meant that for Detroit Edison to be competitive, they needed a natural gas entity."

Who said that? No, not Ben Franklin, it was you LAW STUDENT just a couple posts ago. And now you say:

"First off, DTE Energy does not have to be competitive. "

Which is it?

The next quote:

"My example is from when I worked for Detroit Edison. Currently I am working as a consultant and going to law school."

Oh great! I’m arguing with a future ambulance chaser! Now I understand everything. Just what the world needs another lawyer!

--by Now I get it on 8/20/10   Lives: USA  

Now I get it,

DTE Energy does not need to be competitive. Is true, can you buy your electricity or gas from anyone else?

Yes, they are still a semi monoply, you can only get electricity from DTE.

Suffice it to say, every thing that I have provided is true.

The law school is becuase I served on active duty and qualify for the 9/11 gi bill.

--by Law Student on 8/21/10   Lives: Detroit area  

Actually, once the city of Dearborn gets with the program and stop’s making it nearly impossible for home owners to place solar panels on their own houses, DTE will be paying us to generate electricity.

With the huge federal tax credits for installing Solar systems on homes, perhaps DTE will start shedding the overpaid employees and contractors and our bills will finally start dropping.

--by Tired of high energy costs on 9/6/10   Lives: Dearborn  

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