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August 6, 2010

Remember that song from “My Fair Lady” when Dr. Henry Higgins finally taught Eliza how to speak the King’s English and his friend hollered out to him, “You did it! You did it!”? Well, Rick Snyder did it as the Republican Candidate for Michigan’s Governor. So, congratulations to Mr. Snyder and it’s a great day for those of us in Michigan.

Let me go out on a limb and say that the next Governor of Michigan will be Republican Candidate Rick Snyder. And let’s hope that the Democrats that are full of palaver will shut up and give Mr. Snyder a chance to run this state as it should be governed. Good luck Governor Snyder. And remember I predicted this on August 6, 2010.

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--by cal on 8/6/10   Lives: Detroit area  

Russ I dont know about the nerd part. But the smart part of Snyder I'll vote for.

--by Sara C on 8/6/10   Lives: Dearborn  

For GODS SAKE I hope that Rick the Nerd has better advisors and debating skills than Dick Devos did. He clearly was the better candidate but Granholm simply blew him away with superior political and oration skills.

I hope the Geek Squad does not take the career politician lightly. Granholm was totally beatable in the last election, Devos simply blew it with poor campaign management and no preparation.

The average Michigander is far too stupid to be able to make a decision based on quality of character or ability, they want image and flash. I hope the Geek can give it to them.

--by moe on 8/6/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Well there sure were no surprises last night were there? A self made millionaire and an angry, desperate little man who did not advance his cause one inch.

I am a union member thus, one might think I would LOVE the Angry Mayor. Fact is, me and my fellow union workers think he is a total joke and sure death for Michigan! What got the Democrats in trouble is the same strategy that Verge is using to lose this election. Attack, distort, lie and avoid the issues! He used at least ½ of his time repeating the same untruths over and over and over, and didn’t give the voters of Michigan one shred of details. We didn’t hear how he will separate himself from the failing policies of the current administration. As a matter of fact, he was totally transparent. After a question, he totally blew smoke, gave no details, and attacked the Nerd, than went back to repeating the same couple sentences to close each response. He did this consistently, over and over all night long!

Intelligent people have become sick and tired of people who are intent to spend half of the time blasting the other guy and the other half telling us how his cities economy is so bad, he gave himself and everyone else a pay and benefit cut. On the other side, we had a guy who got rich doing business with everyone all over the world, and when the state of Michigan made it hostile to business here, sold his company and spread the wealth among the workers who lost their jobs. Sounds pretty bad right? How many jobs were lost during the angry mayor’s watch and what kind of compensation did they get when Verge cut them loose?

If anyone here can read body language, the angry little mayor had a triple blink going in his right eye signifying that either he is a complete liar or so angry that his eyes are about to explode from his head from the pent up rage. Who in the hell wants a guy like this negotiating with our state house? Do you want this idiot dealing with lawmakers in this erratic and psychotic looking fashion? Not me! I would rather have a guy who keeps a cool head, sticks to the facts and refuses to digress into the mud slinging and bold face lies that we have had to deal with for years and got us where we are now.

Independent fact finding agencies and Truth in Politics has identified the claims that the angry mayor keeps throwing out there time and time again to be 100% false and misleading, yet Verge keeps on relying on the angry rhetoric. We have a clear outsider on one side that made a life of putting himself through college, built several successful companies, and negotiates with other companies with larger annual revenue streams then our whole state. On the other, we have a mayor who can do nothing more than employ the same old slash and burn tactics to get elected while looking like he is ready for the psyche ward. Do we really need another person who is going to divide our state house? GOD NO!

The Nerd showed himself able to maintain his cool and composure in the face of repeated attacks, lies and rhetoric. He stayed on point and gave Verge no where to go except into the dark hole of anger and baseless attacks.

I don’t often vote Republican, but if this hate filled short circuit of a man thinks that using the same old business as usual will get us anything but more of the same, there is no way I can vote for this desperate career politician.

--by Enough attacks on 10/11/10   Lives: Michigan  

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