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Rick is coming

July 23, 2010

I am voting for Rick Snyder for Govenor. He is a Conservative and I have a lot of faith in him. Plus he has strong Dearborn roots. His wife is from Dearborn in fact he was married in a little church up here on Cherry Hill Rd. and Telegraph. He also has a lot of relatives here.

His sign just says "Hire Rick for Michigan". A lot of people don't know that his last name is Snyder, but we can solve that problem because Rick is coming to St. Martha's Church on Oakwood Boulevard, that's across the street from Oakwood Hospital, on Tues. July 27th. If you would like to attend this meeting to hear what the man has to say you can register by clicking on the link below.

Town Hall with Rick Snyder - Dearborn
Tuesday July 27th, 2010 6:00-7:30 PM
Saint Martha Catholic Church
18200 Oakwood Blvd.
Dearborn, MI 48124
Register @ Rick for Michigan

Rick is all about unemployment figures, so take a look at this.

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Rick WHO? his signs need to Say SNYDER in BIG letters.

--by JJ on 7/27/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Hey, Russ,

This is the Day After, and the Nerd has surprised me by making the big show...I listened to him and the Democrat (another upset victor) on WJR this morning, and I can't fathom anybody voting for the Democrat after the performance this morning...Maybe your guy will be our next Governor. He is a sharp contrast to Jennifer Granholm in presentation skills, but she is hard to match in that skill set. He seems to be the type of level head we need. Good luck to him, and to us all.

--by John Higgins on 8/4/10   Lives: Dearborn  

For GODS SAKE I hope that Rick the Nerd has better advisors and debating skills than Dick Devos did. He clearly was the better candidate but Granholm simply blew him away with superior political and oration skills.

I hope the Geek Squad does not take the career politician lightly. Granholm was totally beatable in the last election, Devos simply blew it with poor campaign management and no preparation.

The average Michigander is far too stupid to be able to make a decision based on quality of character or ability, they want image and flash. I hope the Geek can give it to them.

--by Vote Image on 8/5/10   Lives: Michigan  


Unlike John i was not supprised that Rick Snyder one the nomination just by such a large margin esp. here in Dearborn.

If the people take the time to listen to him and hear his message there should be no contest in November

Go Nerd

--by Moe on 8/5/10   Lives: Dearborn  


You just stated the simple problem with Michigan Voters:

"If the people take the time to listen to him and hear his message there should be no contest in November"

No one will listen to him unless he sinks to the level of the career politician. Compromise, conform, submit, hypocrisy, brutality, Antagonize, attack, defame and sensationalize is all the Michigan voter seems to understand. They don’t listen to reason, common sense, look at background or even care about integrity. All they want is a good show and politicians who can talk a good game. How on earth could anyone in their right mind have chosen Granholm over Devos? How could anyone with a shred of intelligence have chose Kwamie over Hendrix? How have people like Cheeks-Kilpatrick and Monica Conyors held on to office for so long? All you common sense folks here in Dearborn who think that the people of Michigan will never fall for the Democratic line of BS from the left had better not count out the Michigan voter’s ability to overlook the obvious. We voted for Granholm despite 4 hears of horrible leadership, blunders and oversight. What makes anyone think for one minute that Michigan won’t fall for that again?

--by Curley on 8/6/10   Lives: USA  

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