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Another Obama Failure!

July 14, 2010

Sallie is a ex-Dearbornite living up North. Sallie is an ex president of a corporation and a very astute person. Sallie sent this video to me the other day about the oil spill. Thank you Sallie.

Oil Spill Timeline from RightChange on Vimeo.

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A more comprehensive look needs to be taken than one-side video snippets. Come on Russ! This is cheesy media hype.

--by Doug on 7/16/10   Lives: Michigan  

I think it is great Russ gives a different view then the national media!! Better than kiss obama's butt television we get the other 23.89 hours of the day.

--by Why not on 7/17/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Rush, Really. I see that you are up and back to normal.

Just a few points if I may.

1. The Republican party wants the government to downsize and stay out of private business and then complains when it does.

2. The oil companies were deregulated under the former Republican administration.

3. Unlike, the little dutch boy, you can't just put your thumb in the hole and stop the flow.

4. Put blame where blame belongs - The oil company that is responsible for the deaths of its workers and the mess that it caused. It is up to them to clean it up.

--by cloe on 7/17/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Just curious:

Why is it that most costal European countries as well as Australia, New Zeeland and even Venezuela REQUIRE relief wells be drilled before the main well head being completed? Middle Eastern oil producers that drill offshore practice this to avoid revenue losses in the billions. In the event of a well breach, it protects their multi-billion de-salinization plants, forget the ecological issues. Its just good business!

Why are we the ONLY major industrialized country that does not require even the most basic fail safe methods for off shore oil production?

I will tell you why, when the folks who run the country are the ones whose fortunes are tied 100% directly to the oil industry, we tend to just look the other way when safety costs money.

Before you start throwing the blame on Obama, and I am by NO means an Obama fan, you better look back as far as Reagan, Bush 1 and the latest Bush and his VP to find out how oil production became this rag tag patchwork of stupid decisions that maximize their bottom line and avoid spending un-necessary money on safety.

Sorry folks, throughout history, it has been Republicans who push for oil production de-regulation. Now you see what it has gotten us. And we wonder why the rest of the world thinks we are morally bankrupt and short sighted.

By the way everyone, we DO drill for oil in the great lakes. Immagine this happening in Lake Michigan! Have a great day.

--by Oil for the wealthy on 7/18/10   Lives: Michigan  

Cloe, please remember that is isn't the Republicans - or the oil companies - that don't allow drilling in shallower waters, and therefore cause great problems when a leak occurred in deep water.

George Bush absorbed much blame and even hatred after Hurricane Katrina, when the evacuation and response to the storm was not the Fed's responsibility. Now, your reaction to Barry Obama being blamed for what IS the Fed's responsibility is to ... blame it on George Bush. Doesn't that get old?

--by Dearborn Citizen on 7/18/10   Lives: Dearborn  

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