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Media's Failure

July 10, 2010

Well, if you’re wondering where I’ve been hiding, I have had another back surgery so I have been out of the picture for about a month. Please forgive me. But all is well and the old bastard is at it again.

Recently I came across this video done by Alex Jones who I really did not know much about, but Jennifer my #1 assistant said that I have seen videos by him and was impressed. He is saying something that I think is very true. Take a listen to this guy and tell me what you think.


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Welome back.
Now Fordson is free we wish the community a happy and promissing shool year.

--by Truth on 7/10/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Russ, I have been saying this for years! Having been a lifetime resident of Dearborn, with the introduction of cable TV, the proliferation of video games, and the state systematically dumbing down our children all day long in public schools, we don’t stand a chance!

This generation of parents is completely ignorant of any social responsibility, and all we are now are a society of consumers and morons. Parents not only do not teach their kids any responsibility, manors or morals, they will defend to the death their horrible behavior and refute any attempt to correct their horrible behavior. They see their parents getting money for nothing from the government and it’s all they know now.

Basketball, Lohan, and every other distraction forces the very few people with half a brain to look the other way and see what they are trying to hide in plain sight. Oil is still gushing from the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, but no one cares any more! We are massing troops on the boarder of Iran, but no one is watching, we are moving to a standoff with North Korea, a nuclear state, and no one even knows it. We just keep stuffing big macks into our faces, pounding our hand on the table for unemployment benefit extensions and staying glued to the TV for the latest Lebron sightings.

People think Martial law is coming. Why impose martial law Russ? We have already been over run. Our brains are mush and we as a society have no will to fight any longer. We are just laying back and taking it. More and more people become dependent on the government for everything. All they have to do is withhold the basic necessities from us, food, money, medical care, and we just fold in matter of seconds!

Welcome back Russ. Glad your doing well!

--by John Milner on 7/11/10   Lives: Michigan  

Russ, I found this commemnt on a feed back on the net, ted
Someone is stinking up the White House
Hey everybody, in case you haven't figured it out and in the words of Victoria Jackson SNL, (youtube) 'There's a communist in the White House.' Communism always financially bankrupts governments who adopt it.

We are watching the beginning of the end. The goons in the media sold their country to their highest bidder and sold the numbnuts in this country a pack of lies. And now they're coming out of the woodwork after almost 2 years of unadulterated thievery, corruption, ineptness, arrogance, not to mention racial division.
It's all about reparations, American and Global, with this liar,thief,in-chief. We're on to you Barack Hussein Obama and we want you OUT. NOW!

--by ted on 7/13/10   Lives: Dearborn  

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