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Its done with mirrors

March 4, 2010

Mirror mirror on the wall.

Is Obama setting us up for a great fall?

His health care plan is quite a trick.

Tell the people its going to save money when their sick.

Unfortunately he only counts six years of costs and four years have magically disappeared off of the cost factor. In other words, he's lying. He's a con. Don't fall for it. His program is not going to save us money its going cost us money and its going to ruin the best health care system in the world.

If you're a Democrat or a Republican and you vote for this travisty you will be kicked out. Mark my words, you will be kicked out.

There is no free lunch!

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Even Howard Dean said Obama should give it up.

--by T R on 3/5/10   Lives: Dearborn  


I would imagine that because you are a retiree from a public school and on Medicare that you and people like you would be 150% opposed to any health care reform. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame you as you have the best possible health care that could be had in the world right now.

The problem is Russ that so many of us have nothing. We have lost our jobs, lost our employer supplied health care, can’t afford 2000 per month to buy it from BCBSM. I am sorry you don’t like Obama or his health care reforms, but the deal only gets better for me and my family, despite the fact that it can only get worse for you.

I guess my take on the whole situation is that it is more an evening out of benefits. The insurance companies are not going to cut me and my family any slack, so simply put, I am going to have to get it from somewhere. It looks like its going to be coming from folks like you. Socialist or not, it beats being dead or in the street because we have to sell the house to pay the hospital.

Like it or not Russ, this is the harsh reality of today’s families, not just poor, working poor or even low middle class, but all across the board.

--by You cant stop it on 3/5/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Dear you cant stop it:
I am very sympathetic for all people who are un or under-employed at this time. The economy and the job outlook is tough. However, the way to solve this is not to raise the defecit. It will cost us so much in the future. The inflation that will undoubtly come along will be disasterous to us ALL. We are a Country that was founded on hard work and providing for the individual themselves. Health care is a privledge not a right. Countries that have government provided health care have less medical advances, longer waits and higher government cost. Free health care is not free. It comes at a very high cost. If I can get health care, food stamps, housing, and money each month, why would I work. As a country we need to step it up and stop giving hand outs.
As I said, I sympathize with your situation and everyone else in a similar situation. However, I can not allow my sypathizes to over ride what is best for this country, my children and grandchildren.

--by I hope I can on 3/5/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Excuse me, but I am what you would consider in the working class and my benefits are pretty shabby. I still am opposed to any Government run rationalized health care program put out by this scam of a man who can't even talk without reading a teleprompter.

Who is the puppet master is my question. Sorry, I just don't trust the guy. I rather have my beat down benefits then have to wait in line for Obama Care. It will only make things worse.

--by He's a puppet! on 3/5/10   Lives: USA  

The goverment is BIG business ! That the Democrates want to run.. run into the ground that is. The fools that write into this blog mirror the Democratic party line. Its the insurance industry fault. Pure BS.

--by Sid on 3/5/10   Lives: Detroit area  


HOW DARE YOU! To say that HEALTH CARE IS A PRIVLIDGE NOT A RIGHT shows how totally stupefied the American people are!

How much of YOURS and MY tax money subsidized the drug industry? How much of our tax funds are pumped into public universities to fund studies in their medical schools?

When do we the people get some relief for funding med school research projects and drug company experiments to the tune of FIFTEEN BILLION DOLLARS in the last 10 years? How many people could have good health insurance for a little over a billion a year?

How can you, an American, sit there and say that people in this country, the same people who built and paid for this country, don’t deserve the dignity of health care when the economy has collapsed?

We allowed the banks to wipe out our economy, yet we give them billions to stay afloat, we dump billions into medical experimentation, yet we are not supposed to be able to get treatment when we become UNEMPLOYED, not UNDEREMPLOYED?

I dont know too many people who lost good jobs in the area I live in who think that getting back the fraction of money they pumped into FICA is a hand out.

You people are not bitching against Obama, your mindlessly bitching FOR the insurance companies who rip us off every single day!

--by How DARE you! on 3/7/10   Lives: USA  

I disagree with the premise that we have the best health care in the world. The US isn't even close to being the best according to the WHO (world Health Organization). If we don't use the WHO's numbers, then what evidence can we cite that demonstrates we are the best, other than the absence of any other experience. Ethnocentrism is a dangerous supposition in any argument. If there is going to be a debate, let it be a debate where a preponderance of evidence rules over reason, not fear, ignorance, and assumption.

--by Chief on 3/8/10   Lives: Detroit area  

Chief belives the UN and its world health Organization ? Read the whole report it says for service and help America has the best. Stop just reading your Democratic Party spin.

--by Sara on 3/8/10   Lives: Michigan  

When did health care become a right? Is it in the Constitution? Was that the idea behind finding this Country? What other rights do you want? the right for a new car? A better house? A vacation house? What do you want? Why is health care a right? I am not taking health care away from those who "built and paid for this country" those people are DEAD!! If you are so upset about mis spending of funds for medical research and drug companies, take that up. Just because we spend money in one area that we shouldnt does not mean we should pick another way to spend excess money.
Show me one place where in the US health care is a right. Everyone for health care talks about this "right"; yet no one can show me where they got this from. Get over yourself, health care is not a right. How dare I you ask? Is that how dare I stand up to the spending? How dare I ask the hard questions? How dare I make people accountable? How dare I believe that health care is a privledge? How dare you not.

--by How do I dare stand up for this Country? on 3/8/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Let me explain please. The comparative ranking of the health care systems generally cited is a product of the World Health Organization, WHO. The overall performance is a subjective ranking adjusted to reflect how well WHO officials believe that a country could have performed based on its resources. This overall performance index the ranks the US at No. 37 is heavily subjective. The WHO believes the US could have done better because we do not have universal coverage; a single payer system. Honest Americans do not know that there is universal access to care in the US regardless of ability to pay.

The WHO does however rank US No. 1 of 191 countries for "responsiveness to the needs and choices of the individual patient." I would ask if responsiveness is not what it is all about. The US has developed 8 of the top 10 advances in health care in the past 20 yrs., has the most Nobel Prize winners in medicine, 8 of the top 10 drugs have been developed in the US. Common cancer survival rates are among the best in the world. We rate 1st or 2nd for transplants, hip and knee replacements coronary bypasses, and interventional cardiac interventions. And we have the shortest waiting times in the world for nonevasive surgery and advanced diagnostics.

When US health care is impuned based on WHO's overall Performance metric, please understand the fallacy.

Dr. A. Dobzyniak

--by To Chief: for your information on 3/8/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Doc, Sara,
So we rate first for expensive surgeries related to the absence of real health care. Congratulations America, if you are fat and rich you win. If you are poor you die.
First in the world for developing expensive treatments, not cures, for preventable illness, congratulations, but that is award I'd rather not win.
I appreciate the data, but I fail to see how it is conclusive argument.
Sara, I realize the WHO's claims are not acceptable to many, but what data can you cite to the contrary. I only hear people say we have the 'best' in America, I only want reasonable proof of the same.

--by Chief on 3/8/10   Lives: Detroit area  

chief, You would'nt belive a fact if it hit your in you Democratic Party talking points brain washed head. You fool no one.

--by cal on 3/8/10   Lives: Dearborn  

When did health care become a right in America?

When taxpayer money started subsidizing research in hospitals, medical schools and drug companies.

When the US federal government started subsidizing banks, insurance companies and other corporations that are privately owned.

Sorry, but you Republicans can’t have it both ways. You can’t allow tax payer monies to be spent flagrantly on SOME private entities, and not on those of us who fund them.

Health care became a right when, simply put, the insurance companies, hospitals and drug companies started sticking their hands into the cookie jar!

--by It IS A RIGHT on 3/9/10   Lives: Dearborn  

So by your logic I should have a right to a new car what every year? The government does support two car companies now. Oh and I get a house too Fannie May. How about a bank account too how much do I have a RIGHT for in that-Obama gave them money too. WOW!! This my right logic might work... oh that is right, hand outs never work. Think about your logic-gets me the right to a car, a house, money in the bank and health care. Who is paying for this??
It is not a Republican thing, I am not a Republican. It is a way the Country works thing.
Really I want to know, where does it say that health care is a right? Is it in the Bill of Rights, you know with those real rights like the right to bear arms, search and seizure, or other places in the Contstitution like the right to vote? Please, I am asking where does it show Health Care as I right???

--by A right eh? on 3/10/10   Lives: Dearborn  

A right eh?

Like most Americans, you JUST DONT GET IT! Get your head out of the sand and stop being selective in your thinking!

No you’re not entitled to a new car a year, but you are entitled to a REASONABLY PRICED, QUALITY and SAFE CAR.

If the auto industry was run like the insurance industry, think about it! Lets put it into terms even a child can understand.

IF you can afford a car, you can only buy a car if you once owned a car. If you didn’t used to own a car, you have to pay on the new car for 6 months before you can drive it. We will call that the rule on previous credible automobile ownership. Sound familiar?

Next, if you ever had a moving violation, not only is the same car going to cost you double, but with a PRE EXISTING moving violation, they can feel free to deny you a new car! Or they can give you the car, charge you for it, than simply revoke the car when you get a job and need it the most! How about if they find out your father had a moving violation, than taking your car back becasue you might get one because he had one.

If you’re black, the same car will cost you twice as much because you’re more prone to be a victim of crime. Kind of like how blacks are charged more on the open market for health insurance because they are more prone to diabetes.

You can sign on the dotted line, than find out that your car does not come with an engine but you don’t know that until you try to drive it away, or even better! You have been driving and you drive too many miles so they simply take your engine in the middle of the night or even better, they take it WHILE YOUR DRIVING TO THE HOSPITAL and don’t tell you.

After you buy and pay for the car, they keep raising the price and sending you the bill despite the fact that you agreed to the price when you signed for the car. If you don’t pay the extra, they take your car!

The bill of rights guarantees us that we will not receive taxation without representation! If we are dumping our money into the entities that we NEED to live, we deserve to partake in them reasonably. They belong to us! If we are funding the process, the process is beholden to us! If this because the rule to get government money, GM, Chrysler, and half the big banks in the country would be gone! Instead, they belong to us, and we have to pay for them, yet we get NOTHING for our investment! Its taxation without representation!

It doesn’t say we are guaranteed the right to car ownership in the bill of rights, nor does it say the government has the right to charge us payroll taxes, yet we pay them. Slavery is not a right, yet we did it! If your argument goes all the way back the bill of rights, you had better get your comfortable chair out, we are getting ripped in far more ways than health care!

--by YOU JUST DONT GET IT! on 3/11/10   Lives: Dearborn  

After your rant, I would like to let you know sir, that there is a psychiatric unit over at Oakwood Hospital. I think you should be evaluated right away! For your own good and for the good of society.

May good health soon come to you.

--by Concerned on 3/11/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Dear Russ,

See if you could find help for this person immediately. I do hear that there are some really good treatments for dementia these days. Poor fella.

--by Oh My! on 3/11/10   Lives: USA  

Don;t Get It,
Sir, ome correction in your inane rant, the Bill of Rights enumerates the powers of the federal government, ceding the balance of rights to the states. Your reference to the document is totally incoherant and unrelated.

--by The Constitutionist on 3/11/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Agreed! Anyone who has an opposing view point from the "scared of their own shadow" right wing should be institutionalized for voicing their opposition.

That’s what this country has become. Disagree with the right side of the isle and you’re insane or unpatriotic. That’s why Democrats rule our country now and we are at war in two foreign countries, neither of which attacked us.

--by Ya gotta love Republicans! on 3/11/10   Lives: USA  

There are so many holes in your logic "you just dont get it" that I will not even waste the time to couter them. Ok, I will have to just take one from the beginning... Why are you " but you are entitled to a REASONABLY PRICED, QUALITY and SAFE CAR"? Why?? I am so flabbergasted by your logic, I may have to jump on the concern for you metal stability train.
Insurance companies are there to make money. Of course they should charge more for pre existing conditions, just like my auto insurance.
My head is far above the sand let me assure you. I want what is best for the Country as a whole and the ability of this country to SURVIVE!! I am sorry if that means people have to pay for insurance out of pocket. Food to me is a lot more of a life necessary need. Why dont we just give free food to everyone.
Your logic lacks logic.

--by A Right Eh? on 3/11/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Years ago, when I worked at my second job, my insurance premiums were $125.oo/mo and it covered everything, dental, eye care, and I never had to pay a co-pay. My medicine was free. Now the older I get and have to survive on montly social security and the diminising retirement funds since the trillions that were passed out to Iraq and the greedy jerks at Wall Street over the last 10 years, my medical costs keep going up and I have no illnesses, just allergies. What's wrong with this picture? And I wish I had taken a job with the government, I would be in much better economic shape these days.

--by Allison on 5/7/10   Lives: Detroit area  

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