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Doctors in Congress

February 24, 2010

Today I received a letter from one of the best doctors that I have ever known, Dr. Allan Dobzyniak. Allan has been retired for about a year and a half now, but is certainly keeping his eye on what’s going on in the health care debate.

Here is what Allan said.


“I wonder if these guys are driven more by ideology? Of interest, there is not one physician invited to the health care summit tomorrow though there are 16 in congress. But really, what do we doctors know about medicine anyway? It makes one curious if the summit might really have an alternative agenda other than health care.”


Well I actually looked it up and it seems that there are sixteen doctors in congress. Eleven of those sixteen are Republicans and five are Democrats. Two serve in the Senate and fourteen serve in the House of Representatives, seven of who are on three committees preparing a Health Care Bill. And just for the record, there are 204 lawyers in Congress,(152 Representatives and 51 Senators).

But you’re right none, as of this writing, have been invited to the Health Care Summit meeting on February 25th. What’s wrong with this picture?

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Never mind health care.Whats Obama hiding? Besides Obama's actual birth documentation, the still-concealed documentation for him includes kindergarten records, Punahou school records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, passport, medical records, his files from his years as an Illinois state senator, his Illinois State Bar Association records, any baptism records, and his adoption records.ind healthcare. Whats Obama hiding ?

--by Tally on 2/25/10   Lives: Michigan  

Russ, my own Dearbon doctor put it this way regarding health care reform: "There should be one system. Doctors spend a lot of time and money trying to keep up with all the separate insurance companies and their procedures. Let doctors be doctors, and have one system." He didn't care if the system were called public or private, just make it straightforward.

According to a congressman who is trying to expand Medicare coverage, only 10% of medicare money goes for overhead, while insurance companies use up a far larger percentage of monies, as much as 30%. It seems apparent that basic changes to how health care is administered would result in large savings.

--by JP Dearborn on 2/27/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Never mind Healthcare? Geez! What in the hell is the discussion about if not healthcare? We have been battling over healthcare for years. The Republican Party has been bought and paid for by the insurance industry, whenever I see them bitching about what NOT to do, I know where the truth lies. They do nothing, we do nothing, and now, Obama will get the last word.

I am not crazy about some of what I hear is going to happen to our health care system, but make no mistake, ITS COMING! The rest of the world has expanded healthcare to include everyone in some kind of health care system, our time has come.

GW Bush had the last 8 to figure it out, Clinton had 8, GH bush and Reagan had 12 years Jesus Christ, That’s 20 frigging years and not only do less Americans have access to adequate health care, but the price tag has gone up exponentially and why? Because the Insurance industry has seen to it that we stay subservient to them through astronomical premiums and inhuman coverage limitations and downright criminal denial of coverage.

This is the part when you brainless idiots accuse me of being a brainwashed liberal, fact is, I voted Republican in 3 of the 4 last elections and I am ashamed to admit it openly. All Republicans are doing trying to make health care Obamas Waterloo instead of operating in our best interests and coming up with constructive ideas other than trying to stop people from suing bad doctors. I am sick and tired of ignorant people screaming that they don’t want to give an inch while so many have nothing and work just as hard and deserve as much access to health care for their families and have none, and why? They can’t afford to get to it. So you don’t want immigrants to have healthcare? Good! Send your kids to school to get Swine Flu or Scabies from them because your kids sit in the same class rooms as they do. You don’t want the homeless to have it, fine! They can just show up in the emergency room and guess who pays for 100% of it when they don’t? YOU DO!

If you screaming crybabies would get off your big fat overfed diabetes ridden, fybromyalga plagued a$$es and make yourselves heard on what we need to do about insurance companies screwing us every way they can with the blessing of our government who is supposed to be protecting us, we would not be in this mess!

--by Its coming, like it or not! on 2/28/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Wow. the writer of it's coming " is really screwed up. What a jumbo of unrelated so called "FACTS" The guy need help... mental help.

--by Torrie on 2/28/10   Lives: Detroit area  

Friends, in one of my Econ classes in college the professor pointed out that every year in America, HALF the qualified applicants for medical school are turned down. Also, there are ONE-THIRD as many medical schools as there were in the year 1900. Who regulates medical schools and doctors? The AMA. It is in their interest to limit the number of doctors, and they do. The AMA also sets the 'proper' level of fees to be charged by doctors. The AMA must approve the doctors if they wish to work with a hospital. There are ways to cut costs in American healthcare that wouldn't change the level of care. By the way, consider one of the things that 'IT'S COMING...' put forth: We currently pay for the emergency room costs of the uninsured, when they often need only routine care. How much routine care and office visits would that same money cover?

--by John Higgins on 2/28/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Let’s stop and look at it for a second Torrie:

Since insurance deregulation back during the Reagan administration, what has the last 4 administrations done to address the out of control cost of health care insurance?

What special interest group has contributed the most money to the last 4 presidential campaigns?

Which industry in the USA has more registered lobbyists?

What is the only industry has grown in prophets the most in the last 20 years out earning the oil industry yet has less and less people paying in?

What industry is now the benefactor of over 1/3 of the average Americans wages?

Which major industry has absorbed more taxpayer TARP money than any other single industry including the auto industry and the mortgage industry?

Other than higher prices and less coverage, what other industry continues to make more money than any other single industry in the United States?

What other country in the world allows insurance industries to monopolize 1/6 of their nations economy?

If you answered:


The insurance industry

This is all pretty well known stuff, like it or not.

--by Sad but true on 3/1/10   Lives: USA  

If anyone thinks that Obama is NOT a socialist read this :" Medicine is the keystone of the arch of socialism.”- Vladimir Lenin

--by fact truth on 3/3/10   Lives: Detroit area  

Obama may be a full-blown socialist; certainly he gives us plenty to worry about in that direction. The thing is, health insurance, or for that matter any type of insurance at all, is by its very nature a type of socialism. The many pay a little every month against the possibility of the danger striking the individual. The group is supporting the individual. In private hands there is profit involved, on top of the actual administration of the insurance activity.

If there is to be no socialism at all, then we cannot have any insurance. No soup kitchens. No welfare, even for starving children. Do we really want that, as a city or a nation? I don't think we do.

In these tight economic times, we resent those who are not paying into the system, and are only taking. I forget the famous man's name, but in Scotland two hundred years ago, a poor serf happened to save the life of the rich landowner's son. The landowner offered to partially repay the man for his son's life by sending the serf's sone to the best schools - which would lift that man's son out of his father's level of society. The offer was accepted, and the serf's son became a fine doctor who discovered a marvelous new medicine. That medicine later saved the life of the landowner's son. What might have seemed an extravagant gesture paid off in the most profound way.

--by JP Dearborn on 3/4/10   Lives: Dearborn  

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