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December 9, 2004

Hi Russ

The Henry Ford has put an end to the 67 year history of traditional dancing in Lovett Hall.

The ' Last Dance' will be Sunday, Feb. 6.

Although the monthly dance, led by Glen Morningstar since 1981, has drawn 200 - 300 dancers,it has been subsidized by the HF education interests. It is now part of 'catering'. No more dancing.

Of course, Henry built the place way-back-when for community dancing. Got old Ben Lovett to move here from his dance gig in New England lead the dances here. Ben taught 'dancing & comportment' in the schools for a good while.

Of course, that was before the Grande.

But that, among other things was 'community dancing'. And though Morningstar's band ain't Pentangle , it's all the same when the tunes are flowing and the dance is on. But things change, right?

Thanks for listening. Time for more coffee.

D. Cardwell

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