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Dearborn Memories

July 13, 2004

My eyes misted up after reading "This was my life" on 03/29. I started to remember all of the unique things about Dearborn when I was growing up. Maybe other readers can add to this list.

Hudson's Budget Store, Muirheads (Santa in his igloo), Montgomery Wards, Jacobsons, Federals, Eurich's Furniture and General Store, Cunninghams (green facade), Sanders (tuna fish sandwiches and hot fudge sundaes), Kresge's five and dime (water served in a paper cone), Satellite Bowl, Pine Tree Bowl, Calvin Theater, Dearborn Theater, Camelot Theater, Westborn Theater, Carmen Theater, Dearborn Drive In, Jolly Roger Drive In, St. Joseph's Retreat House, Ford Rotunda (especially at Christmas), Ford Rouge Tours (they're back), Sacred Heart High (Go Shamrocks), St. Alphonsus High (Go Arrows), the Toll Booth on Michigan Ave., Chritmas lights strung ACROSS Michigan Ave., flouride treatments at the libraries, sheep wandering through the Village, swings, slides, merry-go-rounds, sandboxes, teeter totters, and monkey bars-and no lawyers or lawsuits in our local parks. These are just a few of the cherished memories that are forever lost to todays generations. If others have memories, please write in and share them with us all.

An aside to Russ, thank you for your web site. I have moved away from Dearborn but log in at least once a month to catch up.

- P. Locke

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I also grew up in the Dearborn area. Creating a photo gallery in the home of the places of memory. Could use some help. Can you direct me to a resource for some photo's ( Muirheads Santa, Calvin, Kresge's, Satellite Bowl.........?? Thx

--by Doyle McKay on 7/14/06   Lives:  

I came to Dearborn from Flint in the early '90's and I rented a flat (from Fred McDonald on Appoline) right near the Camelot Theater. I always wished it never closed. I can see why Dearborn is SO special to it's native sons and daughters. It's a town steeped in it's own exclusive culture... one of a kind for sure. That was a wonderful time in my life.

--by Jeffrey Alan on 8/9/11   Lives: Michigan  

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