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Urgent Action Needed TODAY by Parents, Students, and Supporters of DHS Class of 2004

May 27, 2004

At Monday night's board meeting, Dr. Artis announced he was considering making changes to the date and location of DHS's commencement. Commencement will remain on Saturday, June 5th but may be moved indoors to the gym.Why? The football field is not to be used after being flooded. Graduations and sporting events have been held on the football field after floods for decades and this year should be no exception. The football field is on a natural floodplain. If the commencement is moved indoors, then graduates will only be allowed to invite 3 guests. The gym is supposed to be an alternate location for inclement weather, not because the football field has been flooded days before commencement. We are asking for everyone to let Dr. Artis and elected board members know that the graduates and their families will follow a long standing tradition and hold commencement on the football field, provided the weather holds.

Please contact Dr. Artis and board members TODAY with this message: feel free to copy and paste the following
On behalf of the Dearborn High School Class of 2004, I am opposed to moving the location of commencement indoors if the weather is cooperative. We intend to hold with the long-standing tradition of having commencement out-of-doors, on the football field. Over the years events have taken place on the field immediately following flooding conditions Parents and their graduating seniors intend to be on the football field, with or without the support of the superintendent or elected board members, on Saturday, June 5th at 6:00 p.m. 730-3342 office 730-3238 fax Mary Lane, board president Amy Blackburn James Schoolmaster Pamela Wandless Joseph Guido Sharon Dulmage Gerald Stockwell

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